Five Questions With Softball's Ali Nash

Five Questions With Softball's Ali Nash

March 5, 2010

Q: How did you become involved in softball? What made you start playing the sport?
A: I've been playing softball for 12 years. I started when I was six years old in tee-ball and it has been the only competitive sport that I have played since. I started playing softball because like all other kids my age my dad signed me up for the sport when I was younger to try it out, and after he saw how much I enjoyed playing the sport I continued on. After I started softball I didn't have an interest in any other sports, so instead of trying out soccer or basketball I decided to take on pitching, and having my dad as a coach for the bulk of those years really compelled me to continue on to become a collegiate athlete.

Q: Did you like playing other positions?
A: When I was younger, in recreational league, I loved being the utility player who could be placed in pretty much every position. But after trying out all the positions, even catcher, I decided I wanted to be a pitcher and I have been there ever since. I got some outfield action in high school, but college is a totally different experience and I am dedicated to my position as a pitcher on the Broncos right now.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience playing softball?
A: I don't know why this is my most memorable experience, but whenever I think of one of my proudest moments I think of my senior year of high school when we were in the CCS Semi-Finals and we were tied 0-0 in the bottom of the 7th and I was up to bat. I ended up bunting to get on base, and after a few strategic hits scored the game winning run. I have never felt more excited about a moment in softball, but hopefully that will change this softball season.

Q: You are from San Jose. How much of your decision to attend SCU was influenced was the proximity of the campus to your home? What else made you want to be a Bronco?
A: Living here and growing up with Santa Clara University so close to home was a huge influence on my decision to come to the campus. I have grown up with many family friends that were Santa Clara alumnus, and I wanted to be the same well-rounded individuals they are and have the same Bronco pride as they have. I also came from Presentation, a local all-girls Catholic high school and you can bet I heard everything about Santa Clara ever since my freshman year. What compelled me to become a Santa Clara athlete was seeing many great individuals come out of the program, including my favorite professional athletes Steve Nash and Randy Winn.

Q: Describe your experience so far at Santa Clara. What have been some of the best parts about being involved with the softball team?
A: I love it. Being an athlete is a totally different experience, but being able to attend a great academic and athletic college, and being able to make an impact as a Bronco on and off the field is pretty awesome. The best part about being involved with the softball team is definitely my teammates. After spending a lot of time with all of them and experiencing first hand the hard work put in by this team I know I'm making some life-long memories and friends.