Touching Base with Senior Nicole Picard

Touching Base with Senior Nicole Picard

Feb. 9, 2010

Now entering the month of February, `Opening Day' is creeping right around the corner. In your opinion, do you feel that you and your team are as prepared as you should be?

In spite of the weather, we have been conditioning, lifting and practicing very hard and we will be making our best effort on opening day.

Has there been anything different, particular to this year, that is new in the way you have gone about your preseason preparations?

We try to approach every practice and every drill as if it were a game situation.

As a senior you will be a team veteran. What role do you see yourself playing on the field?

I hope to inspire my teammates to achieve success everyday in practice and in every game we play. I hope that my leadership will help the team to stay positive, focused, and working together toward the same goal of playing every game with our hearts.

What are your predictions for the season outcomes?

I feel we have one of the best teams in the four years I have played for SCU. There is a lot of talent and commitment among the players. Our preseason was very promising due to our dedication and team chemistry. We have a lot of confidence leading into this season as our offensive play has improved dramatically and our defense remains strong. I feel we have the ability to compete with any team we face and I am excited to see how the season unfolds.

What are your plans after this year?

I plan to search for employment in the business field using the skills I have been taught in marketing and international business. I would enjoy traveling and using my ability to speak Spanish in a business opportunity. I hope to further my education by perusing my MBA. I would also like to stay in the athletic atmosphere, as I have dedicated my life to sports and I would enjoy continued work in this field that I have always seen as a great opportunity.