Headlines Have Each Word Capitalized

Headlines Have Each Word Capitalized

Sept. 3, 2000

SANTA CLARA, Ca. - The Netitor publishing screen lets you create game stories, stats, news releases, and player bio's. You can type your content freehand directly onto the Content box, or you can copy and paste your text from your own desktop applications right into the Content box.

You choose the weight of the item by determining if its headline should be posted as Lead Front Page, Secondary Front Page, or simply as a headline on its own sport section's homepage.

If you are familiar with using HTML tags, feel free to use them in your content. Otherwise, just let Netitor do the web work for you.

Unless you are already in the habit of typing your own HTML tags, be sure to leave at least one blank line in between your pargraphs. That way Netitor can determine where to automatically insert the HTML paragraph marks.

Columnar data can be placed on the page by enclosing the data between these two HTML tags: PRE and /PRE, each enclosed in brackets <___> ... as demonstrated below:

RECORD:                    OVERALL    HOME       AWAY       NEUTRAL
ALL GAMES                  (18-10)    (12-2)     (5-7)      (1-1)
CONFERENCE                 (12-6)     (8-1)      (4-5)      (0-0)
NON-CONFERENCE             (6-4)      (4-1)      (1-2)      (1-1)

If he hasn't done so already, our Corporate Trainer will set up a telephone appointment with you to walk you thru the easy publishing functions.

At this time, not all areas of your website are accessible to you via the Netitor screen. If you need to post an item on your website that is not accessible via Netitor, just send an email to your Managing Editor with your instructions. We are expanding the Netitor system every month, so stay tuned for further improvements.

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