Women's Soccer Summer Camp Registration Open

Women's Soccer Summer Camp Registration Open


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Santa Clara women's soccer will host its annual summer camps once again in 2019. The Broncos will have two day camps as well as a residential overnight camp.

The first day camp will run June 17-21 with the second from July 22-26. Children ages 6-12 are eligible to attend.

The camps will put an emphasis on technical development and feature sessions on dribbling, passing and receiving, and juggling while being able to work with Division I athletes.

The residential camp will be July 15-18 and is for ages 10-17.

There will be a super skills portion of the camp tailored to players 10-13 with an emphasis on basic and advanced technical development. The training sessions will cover such topics as dribbling, passing and receiving, juggling and finishing. All technical sessions will progress under the pressure of time and space and/or an opponent.

The ID section of camp is tailored to the player ages 14-17 with a focus on advanced technical development. An appropriate emphasis will be placed on individual, group (positional), and team tactical development based on skill level, experience and age of the player.

Technical topics include dribbling, passing, juggling and finishing while tactical topics include positional play, awareness, speed of play, movement off the ball.

The residential camp also has a goalkeeping option. There will be goalkeeper trainings in the morning and afternoon sessions. Goalkeepers will then be integrated into full sided matches in the evening.

A talented coaching staff comprised of world champions, local club coaches, university head coaches, and DI players will be present to provide technical and tactical feedback.

The camps are open to any and all entrants. Limited only by number of participants, grade level (age), and gender.

To register, click here.

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