Talking sports with Ashley Doyle

Talking sports with Ashley Doyle
Denzel Johnson '15
Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) sat down with junior Ashley Doyle (AD) to discuss the future of the program, old soccer stories and hometown habits.  Doyle, who redshirted her first year, still has two years left to play for the Bronco women's soccer team.
(SCB): How would you describe the culture of your team?

(AD): Very close! I love every single girl that is on this team. I wouldn't want our roster to change in anyway. I know that I can count on every last one of them to be there for me if needed.

(SCB): Where is the furthest you have ever scored a goal from?

(AD): The furthest I have ever scored a goal from was about 30 yards away. I was dribbling down the field with a defender playing very aggressive and I knew I wouldn't get any more clean looks at the goal so I just let it fly and it went in the top left corner! I have never told any one this, but I was actually just trying to cross the ball and I was just as shocked as everyone else when it went it. I didn't show it though. 

(SCB) What is your favorite thing to do back home in San Diego?

(AD): When I'm home I enjoy when I go on walks at the beach with my dad and our dog. I've tried to surf, but let's just say that didn't go so well for me. It is not as easy as it looks and it can be very frustrating, I will get it down eventually.

(SCB)  Who is your favorite professional player to watch and what is special about them?

(AD): Well, growing up as a female soccer player, I'd be lying if I didn't say Mia Hamm. She was just so gifted, so technical, so fast. I just loved watching her she was my idol and a great player all around.

(SCB) This season ended in very disappointing fashion.  How do you bounce back from a year where the team didn't do as well as you'd like?

(AD):  I think the way that the last season ended is going to lead us into a very special season next year. Now we have felt both sides. We know what it takes to be playing late in the season and we also understand how important it is take care of business during the regular season so we can control our own destiny in the postseason.