Never Were There Such Devoted Ambrose Sisters

Never Were There Such Devoted Ambrose Sisters

By: Genre McAtee '16

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Brittany Ambrose (BA) is in an unusual position; she and 
her sister, Nikki Ambrose, play together on the Santa Clara women's soccer team. 
Sure they can get competitive, but Brittany Ambrose told Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) 
all about how she and her sister push each other to be better players and how 
playing together is a "dream come true."

SCB: How did you and your sister both end up playing for the same team? Did 
she influence your decision to play for Santa Clara?

BA: My sister first committed here when I was a sophomore in high school. After 
visiting her multiple times, taking to Jerry, becoming closer with the team, and 
touring the beautiful campus, no other school compared. Nikki definitely influenced 
my decision to come to Santa Clara; not everyone gets the opportunity to play with 
his or her siblings at a DI school! 

SCB: What's it like playing on the same team as your sister?

BA: Playing on the same team as my sister is definitely a dream come true. Stepping 
on the field and knowing that I get to play with my best friend makes me love the 
sport even more. 

SCB: Can the two of you get competitive?

BA: Yes absolutely, but that's what's so great about being on the same team. 
Especially during tough practices we can get a little heated but that's how we 
improve. It helps that we don't play the same position, so we are not fighting for 
playing time but being competitive is what drives us to be better. Nikki expects the 
best out of me and challenges me to always be better, and I do the same. Without her 
motivating me I wouldn't be the same player and person that I am today. 

SCB: How are your playing styles different? What does each of you bring to the 

BA: Our playing styles are actually quite different. I'm more of an attacking player 
and Nikki is more of a defensive player. Nikki normally plays winger or full back, 
and I usually play center mid or forward making me a more of a central player.

SCB: As a junior, now that you've reached the halfway point of your time as 
an ​SCU undergrad, how do you think your next two years will go compared to 
your first two years on the Mission campus?

BA: Now that I am an upperclassman, I am definitely more comfortable here at 
SCU. Being a junior academically and a sophomore eligibility wise, I definitely have 
a bigger role to play academically especially going into my upper division classes 
as well as being a better leader on and off the field for my teammates and the new 
incoming freshman. I am super excited for the next two years as a Bronco, especially 
if they compare to my first two!