Anjel Brown - Transferring to SCU

Anjel Brown - Transferring to SCU

Written By Student Assistant Linnea Lico '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Anjel Brown (AB) decided to transfer to SCU to play soccer as a Bronco. She shares with Santa Clara Bronco (SCB) her experience and how she will bring what she has learned to the team. 

SCB: Why did you decide to transfer to SCU?

AB: I transferred because I wanted to grow as a person, as well as be challenged not only athletically but academically. I also wanted to grow spiritually. 

SCB: What will you take from your experience playing at South Carolina that you will bring to SCU?

AB: I will take my perspective of life and grow off of it. I want to prioritize in a way where I can be successful in the future. 

SCB: What do you personally hope to accomplish this year? How about as a team?

AB: I hope to be able to contribute to the soccer program immediately. As a team, I want to make it to Final Four in the NCAA Championships. These girls deserve it and I want to help them get there. 

SCB: What or who inspired you to play soccer?

AB: My club coach Greg Baker inspired me to pursue soccer in an elite way. It always took me away from reality and brings out my happiest moments. 

SCB: If you could choose any professional team to play for, which would it be and why?

AB: I would play for FC Barcelona because as an outside back I like to be a part of the attack. I also like being in control of the game, which they seem to uphold regularly.