Catching Up with Jordan Jesolva, Noel Beham and Morgan Stanton.

Catching Up with Jordan Jesolva, Noel Beham and Morgan Stanton.

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter, Kendra Cavaney '15

Incoming freshmen Jordan Jesolva, Noel Beham and Morgan Stanton are all excited to begin their collegiate careers for the Santa Clara women's soccer team.  

Jordan Jesolva (JJ) is looking forward to a great season ahead of her. She can't wait to play with the team at Buck Shaw and excited to experience the intensity of college soccer.

Noel Baham (NB) is ready to take on her first year of collegiate soccer. She is also looking forward to having the chance to go to a great school and maintain a great education while playing soccer for a D1 school.

Morgan Stanton (MS) is ready to have a fresh start: new school, new team, and new coaches. She is ready to see all the great things Santa Clara has to offer as well as getting the opportunity to play with a great group of girls. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) got the chance to ask these three freshmen some questions about why they chose SCU and what their goals are for this season.

SCB: How is your summer so far?  What have you been doing?  

JJ: It's been great, I've been training hard everyday to prepare for the upcoming season. I also went on a few trips and hung out with friends. 

NB: Summer has be good.  I've basically just been playing soccer and preparing for the season. 

MS: I played with the Colorado Rush Women's League this summer.  I have played with the W-League every summer since U-15.  In June my U-18 Rush team played and were finalists in the U-18 ECNL National Championships.  I also spent a great deal of summer with my younger sister Julia. We are close, so it was important to both of us knowing I was leaving this year to college. 

SCB: One thing you're looking forward to here at Santa Clara?  

JJ: I can't wait to get the chance to play with the team in Buck Shaw. 

NB: I am looking forward to being on the team and also the academics, I think it will be an incredible academic opportunity.  

MS: A fresh start. Although I love and miss the girls I played with all these years at Colorado Rush, some since I was 4 years old.  I am ready to learn from a new coaching staff and I am excited to play with and get to know my new teammates.  

SCB: Why did you choose SCU?  

JJ: Why not?  It has everything, great school, great location, great food and world class soccer team and coaches!

NB: I chose SCU because they have a very good soccer team and a strong history of academics.  The coaches also made it seem like I could be comfortable coming to them to talk about soccer or school or any other issues.  The smaller aspect of the school was also intriguing.

MS: There were many schools I was looking at and in reality they all had great things to offer.  However, for some reason when I came to SCU, met with the coaches and spent time with Brandi it just felt right.  It felt like a good fit and even as signing day came I still felt confident in my decision to attend and play at Santa Clara University. I hope to bring something special to the team and to contribute as much as possible in a positive way.   

SCB: Any goals as a player for your first college season?  

JJ: To do my best to help my team win!

NB: With so many talented players on the team my main goal is to just learn and try to become a better player by playing with some of the best. 

MS: That is a great question, I have many goals both academically and soccer wise this first year.   First and foremost I hope I am able to manage everything and be able to maintain success both in class and on the soccer field.   I hope to make new friends and build some strong relationships with my teammates and coaches and hope they become my family away from home.  I feel that by being coached by Jerry and the staff here at SCU it will help me reach my long term goals of continuing to play at a high level and continue to grow and become the best overall player I can be

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