Andi Tostanoski Looks Back on the Spring Season

Andi Tostanoski Looks Back on the Spring Season

Written by Student Assistant Genre McAtee

Andi Tostanoski (AT) is thankful for all the people in her life who support and challenge her as she plays on the Santa Clara women's soccer team.


SCU: What was your favorite game this season? What made it so great?

AT: So far I think my favorite game was against Cal. They are one of our rivals and they are a very skilled team, so it is always nice to be challenged. I also think that we made some major improvements in our game. We have many Spring goals and as a team I think we embodied them the best during this game.

 SCU: During this season, how have you improved as a player?

 AT: During the Spring season I had two major goals: one was to become the unquestioned leader of the back line, and the second was to help create a solidarity between all of the new and inexperienced back players that we have this year. So far, I think that I have really stepped into my leadership role. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on my communication skills and my back players are starting to look up to me to be a leader for the backs and for the team. I'm so excited to continue this amazing journey with my team!

SCU: Who are some of the people who've supported you this season?

AT: I think that my entire team provides an amazing support group, but in particular I think that I have been supported very well by the coaching staff and by our leadership group (Sofia, Dani, Nikki, Katie and I). They have really challenged me this season to become a more effective leader and they have supported me wholeheartedly through the process. I also owe much of my success to my family (Mike, Vicki, and Teddi); they have given me the ability to embrace the amazing opportunities I have here at Santa Clara and I couldn't be more grateful. 

SCU: Do you and your teammates keep in touch during the offseason?

AT: If you ever have the chance to spend some time around our team you will see that we are all best friends. At any given time we have two or three group text messages going. This is the amazing thing about our team: we are a family, and we are constantly connecting with one another. This year is also a special year because we will all be staying in Santa Clara over the summer. Basically we don't have an offseason. 

SCU: Can you talk about your post-graduation goal to "research and perfect prosthetic hips, knees and ankles so that the recipient can still maintain an active lifestyle"? What inspired you to want to get into this field, and does it relate to soccer at all?

AT: I was inspired by my sister actually. She was born with clubfoot and hip dysplasia and has been through about twelve surgeries in her life because of it. By the time she is 30 she will need to have her hips and ankles replaced. What is amazing about her story is that all the doctors told her that she would never be able to play sports, much less run. My sister has played soccer for thirteen years, ran cross-country, skis, snowboards, and enjoys hiking. No one ever expected she would be able to do all of this, but she did, and she still does. She is my best friend and my hero. I want to do anything I can to make her life better. Hopefully I will be able to do that! 

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