Katie Speidel Is Anxious For Her Final Upcoming Season

Katie Speidel Is Anxious For Her Final Upcoming Season

Sarah Jackson '14

Rising senior Katie Speidel (KS) is sad to see her senior class leave but is excited and hopeful for the new team chemistry going into her final season. Speidel opens up about her memories and goals as a Bronco.

SCU: Being an upcoming senior, what emotions are running through your head?

KS:  First of all, I cannot believe I am a rising senior considering I haven't even comprehended the fact that several of my best friends are graduating this year. We still have a lot of soccer in front of us before we get to my senior season, but as of now, I am really excited to play with this group of girls and looking forward to enjoying every moment of the upcoming year.

SCU: How is winter training going for the team and what are you looking forward to in your final spring season?

KS: I think winter is a time for everyone to focus on the things that they need to improve on, such as your weaker foot or your shooting technique, while giving our bodies some down time on the weekends. This new group (without last year's seniors) has been working really hard these last few weeks and we are definitely starting to form a new rhythm together. Spring is always a good test to see where we are and what we need to work on with a new group of girls before pre-season begins. These coming months of soccer are always a blast.

SCU: Being an athlete here at Santa Clara for two and a half years, what have you learned that will help you achieve your goals for your final upcoming season?

KS: I think we need to continue to improve individually and as a team, learn from our mistakes from past seasons, and work harder than anyone to get where we ultimately want to be, which is in the Final Four and the national championship game. Now is the time to improve the little things and I think if we keep working hard to play well together, we will be looking good for the start of the season in August.

SCU: Coming off of a great season for your team, what is your favorite memory?

KS: My favorite memory of last season was actually the Portland game. I was injured at the time and Nikki Ambrose, Kat McAuliffe and I flew out to Portland on a later flight. Molly Mettler's mom was nice enough to pick us up and show us around downtown Portland before meeting up with the girls at their hotel. Warming the girls up in the pouring rain was an absolute blast, especially with thousands of Portland fans banging loud drums and screaming right next to us. Even though we didn't get the result that we wanted from that game, the girls shook it off and came together to ensure the WCC co-championship two days after. It was a great learning experience for the team and I was so proud because everyone did what they could to push the team past the tough loss.

SCU: Being exceptionally close with your previous senior class and knowing how hard it is to say goodbye, what advice can you give to the underclassmen to make the most of their experience?

KS: It is really hard for me to talk about the previous senior class because my class is extremely close with them and like I said before, I still haven't comprehended the fact that they are graduating. I am so lucky to have teammates that I know, without a doubt, will continue to be some of my best friends for the rest of my life. The only advice I can give is to make an extra effort to get to know your teammates, especially the senior class, because I have found friends that have changed my life in so many ways. It will be impossible to watch them graduate and move on to another chapter in their lives, but the relationships that you build now will create the lasting friendships in the future.

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