Meet the Future of Santa Clara Women's Soccer: Celeste Kaashoek

Meet the Future of Santa Clara Women's Soccer: Celeste Kaashoek

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – With its long tradition of excellence, Santa Clara women's soccer is set to welcome a new class of freshmen to the Mission campus. introduces Celeste Kaashoek from San Jose, Calif. Kaashoek was coached by Jodi Washington at Leland High School.

"I am interested in attending Santa Clara for the renowned academics and exceptional soccer program," said Kaashoek. "I have always aspired to attend a university in which I can compete at the Division I level as well as receive an amazing education. I also love the fact that Santa Clara is so close to home. If I am ever in need of anything, it is comforting to know that my parents are only a short drive away and they are very excited at the prospect of watching my home games. Another aspect of Santa Clara that I appreciate is the close-knit campus community. After walking around the pristine school grounds, I can definitely see myself fitting in perfectly amongst the students. I relish the smaller campus because it will be nice to see familiar faces as I go throughout my day. All in all, Santa Clara possesses all that I would need in order to have a superb college experience."

As a junior Kaashoek was named the Offensive Player of the Year and was First-Team All-League. As a sophomore she was Second-Team All-League and her team advanced to the CCS round of 16. Kaashoek was named Defender of the Year as a freshman and was Second-Team All-League while Leland advanced to the CCS quarterfinals. 

In 2011 Kaashoek was a member of the 2011 Surf Cup Champions and was also part of the Cal North State ODP Team. Her U-15 team was champions of the Far West Regional League and her U-14 team, the MVLA Lightning, was national champions while Kaashoek was the top scorer in the national championship tournament.

Kaashoek was a member of the Environmental Protection Agency for California Teens (EPACT) Club for two years while also serving as the president. She was also a member of the Science Club where she served as secretary.

In her free time Kaashoek enjoys hiking, mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding and any other activity that involves being out in nature.