Catching Up with Redshirt Junior Allie Vernon

Allie Vernon
Allie Vernon

By Sofia Huerta '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Allie Vernon (AV) is a rising redshirt senior from Homer Glen, Ill. Vernon won the West Coast Conference Freshman player of the year award her first year as a member of the women's soccer team at SCU, but then was forced to redshirt as a sophomore due to an injury. After experiencing a severe back injury that almost prevented Vernon from ever playing soccer again, she talks about what motivated during recovery. She also talks about her best experience as a member of the women's soccer team and the realistic and ultimate goal her team has of winning a national championship.

SCB: You missed a year because of your back injury, can you explain the experience?

AV: It was definitely a difficult experience that tested my patience for sure. I knew I would play again, but I didn't know how long or when I would be back. The ambiguity of my injury definitely made people doubt if I would ever come back. I really had to be strong within myself and have faith to continue to be patient and optimistic that I would return.

SCB: What motivated you to come back from your injury?

AV: I was motivated by my teammates. I wanted to get back on the field so badly to play with them again. Their hard work on and off the field inspired me to get better.

SCB: How much satisfaction do you have from your recovery? 

 AV: I think besides the recovery I have been most satisfied by my growth as a person, especially my perseverance. Even through the ups and downs I never quit on myself, which is the primary reason why I am back today.  I think I can speak for all athletes that have been injured and say that it is definitely not an easy road, but so satisfying when you're able to get back on the field and play the game you love again.

SCB: What has been your best experience as a member of the women's soccer team?

AV: Game days are probably the most exciting time and my favorite part about being a part of the women's soccer team. Being able to put on the Santa Clara jersey and play with my teammates is something I will always cherish.

SCB: Do you think that the women's soccer team has a chance to win the national championship?

AV: I am very excited for this up coming season. We have a wonderful and talented team and our standards are higher than they have ever been.  If we all continue to focus on our goals as a team we have a very high chance to win the national championship.

SCB: What is your main goal going into your final year as an SCU women soccer player?

AV: My main goal is to really take in this final season and enjoy each and every day, good or bad with my best friends. These girls on this team are sisters and I am so blessed and honor to get to play one more season with them.