Soccer Star Lauren Matheson Living Up Senior Season

Soccer Star Lauren Matheson Living Up Senior Season

By Kaitlin Fuelling '13


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Tonight the Santa Clara women's soccer team will kick off their second to last match of the regular season.  They have had a successful season with a 9-0-1 record at home.  Senior Lauren Matheson had an excellent season last year with 11 starts and 21 appearances and hopes to make this her best season yet.  With only two games to go, (SCB) sat down with Matheson (LM) to discuss the season and Matheson's senior year at Santa Clara University.


SCB: How has this season been in comparison to your first three years at Santa Clara University?

LM: The chemistry on this team was immediate and everyone was surprised at how well we all connected.  Everyone gets along off the field, which I believe has contributed a lot to our success on the field.


SCB: Have you thought about what you would like to do after graduation?

LM: After graduation I'd like to pursue a career in sports media. I would like to stay in the Bay Area but I do have my family down in Southern California so I guess it all just depends on where my opportunities take me.


SCB: What has been your most memorable goal/game?

LM: One of my most memorable games was against Stanford in the spring of my sophomore year.  It's always a good, competitive game playing the No. 1 team in the nation.  Bridgett Miller and I each scored a goal to win the game.  It was very exciting and a great way to end the spring season.


SCB: What is your favorite team to play against, or are you looking forward to playing against one team in particular?

LM: I think the whole team would agree with me that the best field is Buck Shaw. It's always well-kept and has an amazing atmosphere. I always look forward to playing Stanford just because it's always a fun, tough game and a lot of fans come out to support both teams.


SCB: I notice that you are from Southern California and wanted to know how you feel about Northern California.

LM: I love Southern California and it will always be my home but I like traveling and going to new places so I've really enjoyed it up here. There's so much to do, so many sports teams and a lot of the friends I have made at Santa Clara are from around here so it's been an amazing experience.


SCB: What do you think prepared you most for playing in college?

LM: I think my club and ODP (Olympic Development Program) teams helped me prepare for college the most.  At a young age, my coaches emphasized discipline and helped me learn about the mental, physical, technical and tactical sides of the game. I also think it was my teammates (especially during my freshman year) that really helped me adjust to the collegiate style of play; a lot of seniors were always there to help me out and encourage me.


SCB: How do you train during the summers?

LM: Each summer we get a "Summer Workout Packet" that helps us keep up our fitness over the break.  It usually consists of different kinds of sprints, long distance running and weight lifting. Two of my best friends from home play college soccer and our packets are usually pretty similar so it's pretty nice being able to work out with other people and hold each other accountable.


SCB: What do you like to do when you are not training or playing soccer?

LM: When I'm not training I like to hang out with my friends, go shopping, watch movies or try cooking different things. When I'm home I usually go to the beach.


SCB: What has been your favorite class so far at Santa Clara?

LM: I really enjoyed my Comm 30 class. It was an introductory class to Digital Filmmaking but it was pretty cool showing the class my creativity and imagination through the different film projects.


SCB: What is something that Santa Clara might not know about you?

LM: I am a huge Disney fan and every year my family and I get annual passes to Disneyland!

Come support the Broncos tonight as they take on the University of Portland at 7pm at Buckshaw Stadium!