Meet The Newest Santa Clara Women's Soccer Player Morgan Marlborough

Meet The Newest Santa Clara Women's Soccer Player Morgan Marlborough

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Morgan Marlborough (MM), one of the top goal-scorers in the country, knew what she wanted when she decided to transfer for her senior season: to make the NCAA Tournament for the first time and have a chance to win the national championship. She chose to come to Santa Clara University to try and accomplish her goals and help the program return to the top of the women's college soccer world in her last collegiate season. (SCB) recently sat down with Marlborough to talk about how things have gone so far on the Mission Campus and what she can bring to a team that was ranked as high as No. 7 in 2011.

SCB: Why did you choose to transfer to Santa Clara?
MM: I decided I wanted to transfer because I wanted to keep progressing as a soccer player to reach my potential. I want to play professionally, play for the U.S. Team and reach my goals. When I came and visited I loved the atmosphere here, I loved the girls, I loved the coaching staff and it felt like a really great fit for me. 

SCB: What do you think you can bring to this team?
MM: I obviously can't play this coming season so I'm hoping that how hard I train in practice can really help the other players develop and I know I'm new but I want to be able to bring a sense of leadership since I will be one of the oldest players on the team. 

SCB: How do you stay excited knowing you have to sit out a season?
MM: I was very disappointed at first when I got the news that I had to sit out (the 2012 season). Right now I'm playing with the U23 team so I am still able to play in games and I also have the training at SCU now. It's really exciting being in the student environment and to see the other girls and how motivated they are with soccer and how hard they work. Knowing that I will get an extra year of training, so that when I do get to play my senior season I think I'm going to be even better than if I could play this year. I focus on knowing that every day in training I will be getting better for the time when I actually do get to play.

SCB: What is your goal being at Santa Clara?
MM: I really want to help lead the team to the NCAA Tournament as I have never been there. I want to win our conference and win the national championship. I've set my goals really high both individually and from a team aspect and I'm willing to work hard to reach them.

SCB: How has being with the team as the new girl been?
MM: It's great. They're so welcoming. It's always hard for a new person in a new situation and they've made my transition here just awesome. I couldn't have asked for anything more from the girls and the coaches.

SCB: What do you think of the university so far?
MM: It's wonderful. I love the Jesuit community and everyone I come in contact with is very friendly and welcoming and it's just a great place to live.

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