Jordan Angeli, A Key Player For The Broncos Success

Feature by Student Assistant Rico Chow (RC)

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara women's soccer senior defender Jordan Angeli (JA) is one of the Bronco starters who helped the team advance to the NCAA Tournament third round. Santa Clara will face undefeated Stanford this Saturday to join the Best Eight in the nation.

Angeli's successful soccer career ranges from representing the U.S. National Team at the FIFA Under-20 World Championships to awarded titles, such as the 2009 WC Defensive Player of the Year. She started every game as one of the two centerbacks, led the team in goals with seven and scored a number of them on set plays (including two penalty kicks) this season. Below, Angeli shares her passion for soccer and contribution towards the Broncos.

RC: This is first time the Broncos made it to Sweet 16 since 2005. What do you think is different this year compared to the past three years that you were with the Broncos?

JA: The past couple of years have been tough for us, but what I love about this team is we haven't let that define who we are. The team this year has been willing to fight for what we want and it has shown throughout our season. With 30 girls on the team, no ones starting spot is ever secure, creating competitive practices that we haven't been able to have for the past two years. It is just a really fun group to be a part of because we push each other to get better.

RC: You have been with the Broncos for six years. How excited are you to be in the Sweet 16 of the nation this year?

JA: I am very excited! It is awesome to be a part of a this team. Right now there are 16 teams left in the country and I am proud of us getting here, but not satisfied yet.

RC: You have been successful in your soccer career. In your opinion, what kept you successful in your career?

JA: Throughout my career, I have been surrounded by amazing people: my teammates, coaches, friends, and most importantly my family, who have, not only believed in me, but helped challenge me to become a better player. Along with my great support system, I am a passionate person and it shows with how I play the game. My passion and determination has allowed me to see past the struggles and remember how happy playing soccer makes me.

RC: What do you think is unique about Bronco soccer compared to other schools' soccer styles?

JA: We play a possession-style game. Sometimes when we are building up towards a goal, we connect so many passes that I am amazed at how we do it. All of my teammates are very skilled and I enjoy just watching them do their thing!

RC: You were named WCC Defender of the Year. What have you contributed to the Broncos this year?

JA: I just tried to help my teammates out in any way possible. They are the reasons I got the award and if I weren't surrounded by my fellow Broncos, my job would be a lot harder then it was. I think it shows how strong our defensive unit was this year and all my thanks goes to those girls!

RC: What is your plan when you graduate from Santa Clara University? Would you like to continue soccer or have a soccer related job?

JA: I plan to move back to my home in Colorado for a while and save some money for the time being. I hope to continue to play soccer and will see where those opportunities arise in the future. For now, I am just focused on the moment and enjoying our ride through the tournament.



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November 16, 2009
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