Soccer's Jordan Angeli Back In Action For The Broncos

Soccer's Jordan Angeli Back In Action For The Broncos

The past two seasons have been disappointing for redshirt senior Jordan Angeli. Angeli missed both the 2007 and 2008 seasons due to injury, but now she is healthy and ready for the fall.

Entering her sixth season with the Broncos, after receiving two medical redshirts, Angeli recalls some of her favorite moments at Santa Clara, and how excited she is to play at Buck Shaw Stadium once again.

SCU: You have been injured for the past two seasons. How excited are you for the fall?

JA: Words cannot explain how I feel. The fall has such a great energy that comes with it: games, traveling and a sense of Bronco pride. I am ready to play at Buck Shaw wearing our maroon jerseys and for all the other things off the field that come along with the fall season. Excited just doesn't do it justice!

SCU: You have been a part of the team for a long time. Do you have a few favorite memories?

JA: I have too many great memories spending time with my teammates on and off the field. I would have to say my favorite memory was playing in the NCAA Final Four my freshman year. The atmosphere and the level of play was something I will never forget. It was a great experience and I hope to get there again.

Some other great memories I have: scoring two goals against Notre Dame my sophomore year and when the team beat them 7-1 my senior year (2007). I didn't even play in the 7-1 game but I honestly never felt a stronger sense of "team" then that night. The girls were working so hard for each other and making it look easy! It paid off because they dominated that night and I will always be so proud of the way they played that night.

SCU: What game are you really looking forward to this season?

JA: I don't think there is one game in particular that I am looking forward to. With only a 20 game season, I am not going to take any games for granted. I look forward to each match.

SCU: How have you improved over the off-season? How has the team improved?

JA: The team has been working extremely hard during the off-season. While I was home during the winter, they put in some major work with our new strength and conditioning coach and it really helped us become a more united group. I feel like I came back to a new team in the spring because everyone seemed refreshed and excited about continuing to improve.

Since I haven't played in so long, I definitely had a lot to improve on this off-season. It was nice being back at school in spring and practicing with the team because I felt like I was getting better and more comfortable on the field. Now that some of the rust is knocked off, I am continuing to play and improve some various aspects of my game before we report for preseason.

SCU: Are you playing with a team during the summer? If not what are you doing to get ready for the season?

JA: I am not playing with a women's team but I have been training with the u-19 girls team from my old club, Colorado Rush. I have known the girls forever and they remind me a lot of my old club team which makes it a blast to go out and train. They are preparing for Nationals in a couple weeks and it is really nice of them to let me go out and train with them.

Aside from that, I have been training at Next Level Sports Performance, a physical therapy/personal training place close to my house in Colorado. I have been going there for the past couple years for therapy and now it's nice to go in there and get a good strength and agility workout. I am so thankful for them because they know where I have been, where I want to go and how to push me until I get there!

We are also on a training program with our strength and conditioning coach, Coach Marshall. I think the whole team would agree that he is amazing and we should be in some pretty good shape come August 4th!

SCU: Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

JA: I loved watching Julie Foudy play. Something about her calming presence on the ball and how she led her team was so amazing to me. I was lucky to grow up when I did because women's soccer was really setting a great standard in the US. It was fun watching the National Team and WUSA players and wishing one day I could play professionally like them. And now with the Women's Professional Soccer league, young girls can again aspire to be pro soccer players!

SCU: What is your favorite soccer team, and why?

JA: Hayley Siegel would have to agree with me on this one, Barcelona all the way! The way they possess the ball and the skill level of all their players is unbelievable. Sometimes, when I am watching them play, I imagine what it would be like to be out there on the field with them receiving a pass from Xavi, Iniesta or Messi. (Wow! I think that is no longer a secret dream of mine!!)

And over the past couple of years, especially now that the Men's World Cup is approaching, I love watching Spain! I can't wait until next summer to watch all the games in South Africa!

SCU: What other sports did you play growing up?

JA: I played softball and basketball. I only played softball for a couple of years because I only really liked the part where I got to bat! I played basketball until my junior year of high school. Growing up, I played up a year with my sister and all her friends. Plus, my dad was my coach. It was a family affair to say the least! Some of the best memories I have from growing up were playing with my sister and the Green Mountain girls!

SCU: Do you have any nicknames? Why do you have that nickname?

JA: Well, it depends on who you ask about my nicknames. If you ask Amanda Poach, she would say "Grandma Jang" since I have been around for so long! My dad calls me "bird" because growing up I always had long skinny bird-like legs. But mostly people just call me Jordi, nothing too special.

SCU: What has been your favorite memory off the soccer field at Santa Clara?

JA: It is really hard picking one memory out of the hundreds of unforgettable times we have had over the years. Mostly, I like just hanging out with the girls at one of our places, watching our shows (American Idol/Grey's Anatomy), eating yummy food and being goofy. I am so lucky to have had such good teammates because we always have a good time together!

SCU: Any additional comments?

JA: Hope to see you out at Buck Shaw this fall! GO BRONCOS!!

Let's hope my sixth years a charm :)

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