Conversation With Soccer's Kiki Bosio

Conversation With Soccer's Kiki Bosio

Senior Kiki Bosio, is excited for the upcoming women's soccer season in the fall. After a stretch of challenging offseason workouts, she is poised to lead her team to a national championship.

Bosio reflects on the best moments of her three years at Santa Clara, so far, and she also looks to the future for a successful career on and off the soccer field.

SCU: How excited are you for the upcoming season?

KB: I couldn't be more excited. We have a great group of girls coming back for the fall season. I am excited to see how the team connects with 11 new players coming in along with key players who are coming back from injury. It should be a whole different team out there. A national championship looks great to me right about now.

SCU: What have you worked hard to improve on during the offseason?

KB: As a team we definitely worked on strengthening our bodies as well as maintaining a solid fitness level to prepare for the fall. Our new strength and conditioning coach, Coach Marshall, has pushed us harder than we've ever been pushed, which definitely paid off in our spring games

Individually, I focused on getting and remaining healthy as well as trying to maintain some consistency in my play. I hope to carry that over into the fall season.

SCU: What has been your favorite soccer memory at Santa Clara?

KB: My favorite soccer memory has to be beating the then No. 1 ranked Notre Dame 7-1 my sophomore season. We had over a 60% shooting percentage and it seemed as though we just couldn't miss. It was the most fun that I've ever had in a soccer game.

SCU: What made you come to Santa Clara?

KB: To me, Santa Clara had the perfect balance between great soccer, great academics, a rich tradition and a great location. But what ultimately made my decision simple were the girls on the soccer team. The girls are friendly, fun, and entertaining, along with being unbelievable soccer players.

SCU: What game are you looking forward to for next season?

KB: There are a few games that I'm really looking forward to for next season. I always look forward to the Stanford game. They are our cross-town rivals and they always prove to be a tough match for us. I'm also really looking forward to the Portland game. They are our WCC rivals and we get to play them at home this year in front of our fans.

SCU: Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

KB: Mia Hamm was always my favorite soccer player. There was no forward better than Mia.

SCU: What is your favorite soccer team, and why?

KB: AC Milan is my favorite team. They have great players and they are from my hometown in Italy, so I have to root for them!

SCU: What other sports did you play growing up?

KB: I played softball for one season and cried of boredom after every game. I also did ballet and tap dance. I wish that I would've done gymnastics though. That has always been my favorite Olympic sport.

SCU: You are a very good student, what is your major and what are your plans for graduation?

KB: I am majoring in Accounting and I have a 3.819 GPA. I am currently doing an internship with Ernst & Young in San Jose. I will be graduating after the fall season in hopes of getting drafted into the Women's Professional Soccer league. And hopefully follow that with a full-time job at Ernst & Young and earning my CPA.

SCU: What has been your favorite memory off the soccer field at Santa Clara?

KB: I'd have to say some of my favorite memories include my team just hanging out at someone's house or apartment just bonding, singing (Row-Row-Row Your Boat, It's All Coming Back To Me Now or Single Ladies) and laughing all day/night long. My favorite memories always include my teammates.

SCU: Any additional comments for the fans?

KB: Go Broncos!! Please come out to our games this year!! We need you there! It'll be worth it!

November 16, 2009
November 16, 2009
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