Chat with Soccer's Lauren Matheson

Chat with Soccer's Lauren Matheson

Preview by John Gragnola, SCU Athletics Department Student Assistant

Coming off a successful High School and club career that culminated with winning the Gatorade California girls' soccer player of the year award, Lauren Matheson is ready to make a huge impact at Santa Clara University. Matheson talks about her early commitment to Santa Clara, her goals for the upcoming season, and how her skills on the lacrosse field have helped her with soccer. will be conducting interviews with members of all the athletic teams this summer. Look at the website in the next week for features on Lindsy Davigeadono (volleyball), Kiki Bosio (women's soccer), Robbie Reid (cross country) and Jordan Angeli (women's soccer). A number of athletes and coaches will be featured this summer.

SCU: What has been your greatest achievement so far in your soccer career?

LM: Getting a scholarship to play at Santa Clara would probably be my biggest accomplishment. I would also say winning the National Championship with my club team in 2005. That was pretty amazing.

SCU: What do you like most about soccer?

LM: It's fun to play. There is a lot of creativity involved and I enjoy meeting new players at all the different levels throughout the years. I also have a competitive side to me so soccer is a great way to get that out.

SCU: You committed early to Santa Clara before your junior season got under way. What attracted you to Santa Clara and why did you decide to commit as early as you did?

LM: I visited Santa Clara a couple of times before I made my decision and every time I liked the team more, the school more and the coaches more. They were consistently recruiting me and I felt comfortable in the area.

SCU: Santa Clara had a disappointing season by its high standards last year. What are your goals for yourself and for the team for this upcoming season?

LM: I have been communicating with the team and we look pretty strong. I'm excited and I hope we can win a National Championship this year. I would love to contribute to that.

SCU: Do you think you can make an immediate impact on the team?

LM: I hope so. I may not be in the starting lineup because I'm a freshman, but I can bring competitiveness to the practice field as well.

SCU: Are you playing over the summer and what are you doing to get ready for the upcoming season?

LM: I'm moving up to Santa Clara on July 28th and I will be training with the team especially working on our strength and conditioning. Once August comes around we will start training and playing games.

SCU: Have you met any of the girls on the team or any of the other recruits? What do you think of them?

LM: Yes, on my official visit I met most of the girls that are coming in with me this fall. I have known a couple of them for a couple of years now so I'm excited to play with them. The ones that are on the team that I did meet are very high level players so I'm excited to play with them. They were so nice and so welcoming and I'm ready to work hard for them.

SCU: What are you going to miss most about high school? What are you looking forward to most about going to college?

LM: I'm going to miss my friends the most because we all got really close this year, but I'm excited to meet new people at Santa Clara and play on the soccer team.

SCU: Have you decided on a major? Any idea what you want to do after college?

LM: I haven't decided on a major yet, but I will probably go into communications. I'm hoping the women's professional league is still around so I could possibly play in that.

SCU: You were a pretty good lacrosse player in high school, scoring 50 goals in 14 games your junior year. How do your lacrosse skills transfer to the soccer field and vice-versa?

LM: The field vision is very similar. You have to keep your eyes open and see the whole field so that helped me out a lot. The running and speed is similar so that helped my endurance.

SCU: What is something that nobody knows about you?

LM: That is a hard one. I'm pretty open about my life.

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Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant. People are hating on him but he got the gold medal and the NBA Championship this past year.

Favorite Sport (not soccer): Football

Favorite singer/group: John Mayer

Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl

Favorite Movie: The Notebook/Anchorman

Biggest inspiration: Watching Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and Jodie Fawcett was inspiring.

Vacation spot: Costa Rica

Celebrity crush: Brad Pitt

Go Broncos!

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