Women's Soccer Anxious for Next Year to Start After Great Spring of Training!

June 3, 2009

Women's Soccer Anxious for Next Year to Start After Great Spring of Training!

The Bronco women's soccer team has finished up their spring training, including a newly designed strength and conditioning program. The team is excited to get back to Buck Shaw Stadium this fall. Bronco players Maxine Goynes (Modesto, Calif.), Jordan Angeli (Lakewood, Colo.), Margueritte Aozasa (Los Altos, Calif.), Kiki Bosio (Mission Viejo, Calif.) and Katherine Reynolds (Medina, Calif.) sat down this week to talk about the 2008 season, what's different this off-season, why they can't wait to get back on the field, who they look up to in their sport and what they would like to win a gold medal in if they weren't playing soccer anymore. If you are a Bronco fan, it's worth the read!

SCU: Last season won't go down in the books as our best season, but it's obviously been a force that has driven you during the off-season.

Margueritte: It is safe to say no one was really happy about it. It pointed out a lot of things we need to work on. Coming into the winter we had a positive mindset to change things around. Collectively we knew what we had to do and getting in the weight room was one of them.

Katherine: The season was really frustrating, things were not clicking and we definitely knew things had to change and that's why we've been working so hard since then.

SCU: When the season was over - what is one goal you set for yourself for 2009?

Katherine: My main goal was to improve my leadership skills as a captain.

Kiki: Also being a captain, I could have done a better job being a leader. This winter I wanted to work to be fit and the strongest I could be.

Margueritte: My main goal is to get a lot stronger. I'm not one of the strongest on the team, and so my main focus was getting stronger and to fine-tune my skills.

Jordan: I have been out two seasons so my goal was getting comfortable with playing again and maintaining the strength I had built through my rehab. And I really wanted to get stronger.

Maxine: My goal for the winter was to get in shape and lose a few pounds for fitness reasons. I also wanted to work on playing a new position (switched from center forward to center defender).

SCU: What excites you about next year? You have brought in a new strength and conditioning coach, Greg Marshall, who has worked with you the last 18 weeks. Have you noticed the difference on the field yet?

Katherine: I think the weight room has helped all of us. I know I have gotten stronger with how much I was able to lift, and I am hoping in the fall I will start to notice how much it's paying off.

Kiki: We will be able to see it pay off more in the fall, but we have seen glimpses where we are stronger than other teams this spring. This maybe because we are stronger physically or mentally than the other teams. Whether it's the weight room or our mentality either way we are starting to show glimpses that we are the better team.

SCU: What's the hardest part of the work in the weight room and the running? The 6:30 am start time four days a week?

Margueritte: Six months ago I would say that I was not much of a morning person, but after winter and spring I would say that I'm one now. Getting up in the spring was much easier because we didn't have to run as much as we did in the winter. This spring I learned to teach my body to wake up.

Maxine: Before winter I was definitely not a morning person, but Coach Marshall emphasized that there is not always going to be a specific time that you want to compete so you have to work hard even when you don't want to be playing, and we were up early in the morning lifting weights and I think it was an appropriate time for it.

SCU: Talk a bit about the workouts in the winter and the spring. A lot of running and lifting?

Jordan: There was a lot of emphasis on our core muscles so we did ab workouts, quads, gluts and hamstrings. We did a lot of Olympic lifting squats and dead lifts to make us stronger in our power zone-core. They were intense workouts and we super setted everything, but it was worth it because if you are up early you might as well get something out of it.

Katherine: We started soon after our season was over, which was a quick turnaround but probably the best for our team. My favorite part was doing the competition parts at the end of the winter section. Everyone wanted to win.

Maxine: The racing was fun! Jenny LaPonte always gave her best because she had really good endurance and Anessa Patton always gave her a good race. It was really good for our team because we bonded and depended on each other to support one another to give us that extra energy to workout.

SCU: On Tuesday you met with Coach Marshall for the last time prior to coming back for the fall. He gave you workouts you needed to do over the summer on your own. Are you motivated?

Margueritte: To be honest just glancing at it it's pretty reasonable, some days look really hard, but other days look manageable. He is respecting our rest time and acknowledging that it is technically our time off, but I think we all know that we have to take the summer seriously and get to work.

SCU: Jordan, you missed the past two seasons due to injury. Has sitting out and watching taught you anything?

Jordan: Being out for two years taught me a lot of life lessons outside of soccer. I learned patience, perseverance, how to overcome obstacle, and how to get a positive out of any situation. Watching was extremely difficult, but I also learned so much as a soccer player by seeing the game from a different angle. I am beyond stoked to be out there. I feel great and my body feels great. I am excited and really proud of the team because they have worked so hard. Being away and coming back, changes happened with them - when I got back I realized the girls had changed so much. The commitment and support of each other was so much higher than it was in the fall.

SCU: What's the best part of the off-season and the worst part?

Maxine: The worst: we have to wait so long for the fall. The best: I no longer fit in my own jeans! Skinny Jeans Yes!

Jordan: I have two bests. I am on the field and the re-awakening that Coach Marshall has instilled in us.

Margueritte: The worst: every morning playing in wet socks and cleats. The best: bonding over breakfast in Benson because we were the only ones there that early in the morning.

Kiki: The best: the way our team has bonded since the season. The worst: The one practice we got poured on and my clothes were stuck to me. I hated that practice!

Katherine: The best: Recognizing what we can do and have the potential of doing. The worst: having to go to class after practice smelly, wet, tired, and hungry.

SCU: Wow, sounds GREAT! You guys all sound motivated. Bet you wish you could play tomorrow. What excites you about next year?

Katherine: There are a lot of things I am excited about for next year. Next year we are going to have a bigger team, our mentality has changed and we all know how bad it can get so we know it can never happen again. Our team is excited to prove that we can be great and get back to what we've been traditionally.

Kiki: It is my senior year and I get to play with so many amazing players. I know all of us want to go out with a bang, and I am excited with the 11 players we are bringing in because we have so much talent coming in. They will be a great addition to the rejuvenated roster.

Margueritte: I am only going to be a sophomore, but it is going to be so great playing with the players coming in. I know a lot of the recruits coming in and I am excited for that. For myself I hope I can play at midfield at some point.

Jordan: When the spring season ended I wanted to keep playing. I was excited to see how everyone meshed together this spring and what our performances will be like in the fall. I am excited to see Amanda Poach back out on the field because she is ridiculously good.

Maxine: I can't wait to earn a starting position and because great players are coming in we have an opportunity to show to our teammates that we deserve to be out on the field. I can't wait for the underclassmen to come in and prove themselves. It is exciting to see unknown players come in and do well.

SCU: All Time Favorite Soccer Player? Kiki: Mia Hamm growing up. Marta and Kelly Smith are my tops right now.

Katherine: Tiffeny Milbrett was my favorite player because she wore No. 16 like me. I got to play against her a lot the past couple of years which was cool.

Margueritte: Julie Foudy because she was a great leader. She was not the fastest or the most flashy, but she got things done and that's how I am.

Jordan: Julie Foudy as well.

Maxine: Kristine Lilly and Danielle Slaton, who used to play here at Santa Clara.

SCU: If you weren't playing soccer in the Olympics, what other sport would you want to win a gold medal in?

Maxine: Gymnastics or volleyball.

Jordan: Beach volleyball, and I would also say gymnastics but I am not that coordinated.

Margueritte: I always wanted to play water polo because my hands are huge.

Kiki: Gymnastics or ice skating. Shawn Johnson is my idol.

Kath: Track (sprints) or diving.

Katherine: Come to our games because you are going to see a group of girls having a good time and dominating.

Kiki: Be loud and be proud because it will be worth it coming to our games next year.