Women's Soccer Senior Final Thoughts

Women's Soccer Senior Final Thoughts

Nov. 9, 2007

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Before taking the field for their final regular season game at Santa Clara on Saturday, the women's soccer team's graduating seniors checked in with SantaClaraBroncos.com to share their fondest memories as a Bronco and notes of thanks.

Some of my favorite memories from being on this team were definitely from the pregame in the locker room. I always walked out to the field so confident in our team because of our pregame rituals. Away trips with the team were definitely memorable because no matter where we were or how many times we traveled this year, we always had so much fun in the hotels and made the most of our experience. Playing under the lights at home is probably the thing I will miss most because it's just something about walking on that field with your fans behind you and being so proud to wear that jersey. I want to thank our coaches, who have deeply impacted my life and taught me so much about soccer, life and myself, and what I am capable of accomplishing. I also have to thank my parents for getting me this far on and off the field and for always supporting me and, lastly, my grandparents, aunt and family for being at pretty much every game and cheering me on no matter what. The legacy I would like to leave for this program is always giving my best and being that hard working player who never gave up. I want the team to know that they can always rely on me and feel confident in me giving my all. The message I want to leave to the team is to never give up because we are all capable of doing things we never thought possible. Every year Santa Clara has the potential of being the best, so take full advantage of every opportunity you have to learn and grow as a person because it goes by so fast and the last thing you want is regret or wondering what if.

-Chioma Igwe #28


Kendall Doherty and her mother Thalia are the Broncos lone mother-daughter combo to play soccer at SCU.

My time at Santa Clara has been filled with amazing memories and unforgettable experiences. One of my favorite memories would have to be when our team defeated all odds to beat the No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels in the third round of playoffs and competed in the Final Four. We have had many incredible wins and great preseason trips over the years but it is the unequivocal camaraderie of being on a team that I will truly miss. The friendships I have made will always stay with me and those are the memories that are most important to me.

I would like to thank the most important people in my life, my family, for their incredible support over the years in my soccer career and their endless love and encouragement to accomplish my goals. I want to thank my coaches for giving me a chance, believing in me and teaching me beyond the borders of the soccer field. I also want to thank the University for the opportunity to be a student-athlete at such a well-respected institution. Finally, I could not accomplish what I have without the love and support of my friends and teammates throughout my career.

I hope the legacy that I leave to the current and future Broncos is to work hard for what you are representing. When you wear the red and white jersey with "Santa Clara" on your chest, you are embodying courage, strength, selflessness, determination, heart and pride. You are only given four years to be a Santa Clara Bronco, use every practice, every game and every opportunity to get better and uphold our women's soccer tradition.

-Kendall Doherty #21


Without my parents' efforts and sacrifices, I wouldn't be here. I am so thankful for what they have done so I can get to this point. I love you Mom and Dad! I also want to say how much I'm going to miss my teammates, miss the crazy things we do and say, but most of all miss yelling and raging at my teammates during practice. Lindsay, if you're wrong I'll KILL YOU! I'd also like to thank the coaches for pushing me in practice and games.

Meagan Snell

If I could say anything about college soccer, I would say just work hard because you aren't just working for just yourself, you are working for the 10 other people on the field and the others on the bench. I may not have said it enough, but these girls are some of the most important people in my life and I care for them more than they could know. I love you girls and thank you so much for everything!

-Meagan Snell #19


I have had a lot of great memories from the past 4 years. Our team trips were always so much fun. We traveled to Costa Rica, went white water rafting a few times, and during this past preseason, we spent a day on a houseboat and went tubing, wakeboarding, and water skiing... each of these trips were amazing. While on the field, I thoroughly enjoyed our victories over Portland, UCLA, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Stanford, yet I'll never forget the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction that my team and I get after a hard practice and competitive game. It's hard for me to pinpoint single favorite moments, but I will never forget the emotions that I felt because of these experiences. Being a Santa Clara women's soccer player has enabled me to experience excitement, competitive atmospheres, tears of joy, life-long friendships, and memories and lessons that I will bring with me for the rest of my life. Playing for the Santa Clara Women's soccer team has been a truly unique experience that has not only helped me to develop into a better soccer player, but has also helped guide and challenge me during my path towards reaching my dreams.

Brittany Klein

Most importantly, I would like to thank my family for their everlasting love and support in all aspects of my life. Also, I would like to thank the coaching staff for always challenging and pushing me to be better than I was the day before. Finally, I am so grateful for my teammates and friends who have been a part of my Santa Clara soccer experience. I am very proud and fortunate that I was able to play with and for them every practice and game.

To all the current and future members of the Bronco program: Being an SCU women's soccer player should never be taken for granted. Do everything that you can control to better the program during your four years as a Bronco. Take pride in your actions, on and off the field, and realize that what you do individually, matters to the team, and impacts the degree of success that your team will experience. Train hard and lead by example so you will look back on your collegiate career with no regrets.

-Brittany Klein #3


Where to begin? I would like to keep this online postcard completely informal and share with those I love the most fantastic memories of my five years at Santa Clara. I'm going to list some memories that may make some people laugh, cry and feel warm inside. For those who do not know what I'm talking about...just pretend you do. Favorite memories: Costa Rica trip, although not going to the waterfalls due to running for fun, we saw a crazy sloth, iguanas and a jumping Costa Rican rafting instructor; being scared of our seniors my freshman year; entering my first college game after Mononucleosis and scoring two goals; listening to Jerry say "It's a great day to be alive;" listening to Jerry say "Just grind it out" during fitness while dying and slightly cursing at him a little above a whisper; creating history by beating North Carolina in the third round; beating Stanford and Cal just because they are Stanford and Cal; dressing up for practice as a cow; Snell... enough said; playing little juggling games before practice; going to the Final Four for the first...but with hopes not the last time.

Tina Estrada and Meagan Snell celebrating a goal.

I could list memories that would probably make up a book, yet my postcard space is limited. Now for a list of those who have supported me all five years here: First and foremost, my parents and family who have put up with me for 22 years. They have dedicated their lives to soccer because of a passion that I endure. They have been supportive through all ups and downs and will always be my #1 fans. I love you all. Thank you to all coaches who have been part of my five years here. Thank you for the patience, the life lessons, the opportunities and the care. I am an improved soccer player as I am an improved person and I have only those mentors to thank for that. It is coaches like you that make a team worth playing for (specifically Huss). All my friends at Santa Clara, especially my teammates, you have been my family away from home and I love you all. Cherish every moment at Santa Clara, take it in, digest everything and hold onto it so you never forget. Continue with the legacy and tradition of being a Santa Clara Bronco and do so with pride, discipline, dedication and pure love for the sport of soccer. I love you all and thank you. WAH-WAH-WEE-WAH!!!!!!

-Tina Estrada #6

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