Postgame Quotes: Santa Clara 2, Loyola Marymount 1

Oct. 21, 2007

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Head Coach Jerry Smith
On Loyola Marymount's early goal:
"A lot of teams come in thinking how to defend Santa Clara. It's not how do we outscore or outplay Santa Clara. Because of that defensive mindset the early goal is scored. We need to figure out how to not give up goals so early as we have done in the past two games."

On the outcome of this week:
"We had five tough games in eight days and did a great job in the tail end of this week. Last year, when we were hitting on all cylinders and not dealing with injuries, we lost to Pepperdine and had a draw with LMU. It wasn't as much of a tough week as it was this year and I'm very happy with the outcome of this week."

On the similarities between Friday night and today:
"Today's game was eerily similar to Friday's game against Pepperdine. We allowed an early goal in the first half and then tied the game on a great individual effort. Friday it was Kiki Bosio, today it was by Tina Estrada. Then we scored the game-winning goal in an amazing way by an amazing player, Brittany Klein."

On Brittany Klein's game-winning goal:
"It was a goal scored by in an unusual play. The goalkeeper game out of her box trying to clear the ball but it came to the feet of Brittany, who just knows the right thing to do. It was a goal very similar to the one she had against Notre Dame, although it wasn't as far out. She chipped the ball past the goalkeeper who was off her line."

On Katherine Reynolds:
"This week Katherine has done an amazing job for us. She probably has covered more ground than anyone and has made an impact in attacking and defense. Because of her continuous push for the ball, it forces our opponents to take a forward player and assign them to stop her and they haven't been able to."

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