Postgame Quotes: Santa Clara 0, Virginia 0

Sept. 9, 2007

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Head Coach Jerry Smith, on the game against Virginia:
"The type of game we saw this afternoon is what we expected from this tournament. There should have been four very tight games given the quality of the teams participating in this year's tournament. Both teams were very tough defensively and we were the fresher team going into the second half and the overtime periods."

On the Broncos' defensive unit:
"I have to give a lot of credit to our back four players and to Curtis McAlister who works a lot with them. They played against two very tough teams and came together really well to put a stop to both of them. I also have to give credit to our goalkeeper, Meagan McCray. Although she didn't make a ton of saves today, those that she did make were smart. She definitely made her job look easy this afternoon."

On all-tournament team selections Brittany Klein, Meagan Snell and Kiki Bosio:
"Brittany is our on-the-field leader. She played with her all this weekend. Meagan's versatility helped us tremendously in both games. She created a lot of problems from Virginia today, and Kiki is picking up right where she left off last year. She was last year's most outstanding player and she made a lot of great plays for us this weekend."

On next weekend's tournament:
"We are going to have to build on the momentum that was established this weekend. The challenge we faced today was that we were the favored team to win. Next weekend we are in a similar situation. We need to go into next weekend's games with an underdog mindset, as we did Friday night against Notre Dame. If we step our game up and keep in mind how difficult and precious it is to win, we'll do fine."

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