Quotes: Santa Clara vs. San Jose State

Aug. 31, 2007

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Head coach Jerry Smith, on the game: "There was a lot of good energy in the stands tonight. That aided in the energy on the field. The crowd was extremely supportive of both teams and that's what you expect in a rivalry game. It was a tight game and because of that it is a great learning experience that will prepare us for next weekend's tournament. We have a young team out there and we played a lot of subs tonight, but the players that came in off the bench really contributed they way we expected them to."

Smith, on Tina Estrada: "Tina really stepped up and did a good job for us tonight. By nature she is a goal scorer and that is what she did two seasons ago for us. She is determined to play really well every match and she came out tonight with a lot of energy."

Smith, on Brittany Klein and all the Broncos seniors: "Our senior captain Brittany Klein also had a great night tonight, scoring the second goal for us. Actually all of our senior who played tonight did a great job contributing and setting up the speed of the game for us."

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