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Oct. 29, 2006

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Head Coach Jerry Smith

On the game:
"First and foremost, I'm really happy for the seniors, they've put in four, and in some cases, five seasons of hard work into our program, and today was mostly about them and I thought they played extremely well. Even some seniors that aren't regular starters for us played very well today."

"All in all it was a great day, we got a shutout, scored a number of goals and created a number of chances, and didn't suffer any major injuries."

On the performance of the seniors:
"Marian Dalmy was the player of the game, she just dominated the entire match, and Bonnie, it was great that she also scored a goal as well. Julie Ryder came back and played awesome. Even though it's a 4-0 win and a shutout, Julie had a lot to do with that, she made some exceptional saves. I can't imagine the game having gone really any better."

On staying in the hunt for the WCC title:
"One of our major goals in phase four of the season is to win the conference championship, and we know that we'll have at least a share of the title going into our last game at Saint Mary's. We're excited about being in that position, and having our fate in our hands, we are very excited about that. Hopefully we'll even get the chance to win an outright conference championship, but right now we're happy to still be in the hunt."

Defender Marian Dalmy:

On scoring two goals and getting an assist on Senior Day:
"It was great and so much fun, that was the point of today, I just enjoyed myself and it was great having my friends out there with me."

On staying in the conference race with the win:
"We knew even after playing in L.A. that we could still get a share of the title, we just knew that from then on out we had to win all of our games. We really want to end our season with wins heading into the playoffs."

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