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Oct. 20, 2006

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Head Coach Jerry Smith

On the match:
"I'm proud of my team today, I thought we played well for about 80% of the game, and I thought we created some good chances there. I think it was a really well-played game by both teams."

"Give credit to Portland, they didn't give up when down 3-1, they got a good goal on a corner kick and they were pressing and taking the game to us a bit there."

On the team's slow start then rebuilding the momentum:
"I really think it was a couple things: one, I can't believe how tentatively we started the game, really on our heels. We played very nervously, which is a concern for me. But at the same time, we ultimately did settle down a little bit and did begin to settle down and started to play well and create several good chances."

On the importance of the win:
"It puts us back in the race for the conference championship, and that's obviously one of our goals. With seven points, we're tied for first place so I'm happy about that."

Freshman Forward Kiki Bosio:

On her game-winning goal:
"Originally I was looking to pass it, but I turned and saw a bunch of open space so I just took it, I think the defense thought I was going to pass too because they shifted, and things opened up for me and I just took the shot."

On getting a game-winning goal against Portland:
"Words can't even describe [the intensity], I was so excited. Having all the fan support here was amazing."

Junior forward Meagan Snell:

On the importance of the win:
"It's an important win because it helps us in the WCC standings and also in terms of the NCAA Tournament, and also we just beat the defending national champs. It's great motivation for us and its going to help us so much going on."

On her team-leadign 11th goal
"I was just making a `C' run, and it was a great ball over from Lauren, and I was glad it went in. I was happy that I could just stay composed and put it in the corner."

On getting the win at home against Portland:
"You have to take into mind that we did play them on our field. It was awesome seeing Portland bring their fans down, it just shows what a great program they have, but I thought it was also great how our fans showed up tonight, how we had the drummers out there, it was awesome."

On the team staying composed and bouncing back from the early deficit
"When they scored, we knew we had to stay relaxed. Marian kept telling us to relax, stay focused, and work hard. One of the big things we focus on is the `Big Five' moments, we have to be the more aggressive team and I think scoring got that momentum and we just went with it."

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