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Oct. 8, 2006

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Head Coach Jerry Smith:

On the match:
"Anytime you have to enter into conference play, the toughness of the games escalates. Two years ago San Diego came in here, played the same type of game as was just played here and beat us 2-1. San Diego is a very good defensive team and they really concern themselves with defending us first, so we have to really continue to grind, and that's what we did today and ultimately got a break on the goal off the free kick on a good heads-up play by Jordan knocking it to Brit for the classic finish. Then, San Diego had to push forward, and when they did, we got that second goal. The hardest part of this type of game is getting that first goal, and it took us awhile to get it. San Diego is an outstanding defensive team and very organized and disciplined so that's why it took us so long to break it down."

On the sequence leading up to Klein's goal:
"San Diego plays a man-to-man defending style, so you tend to get more free-kick opportunities, and so we talked about the various ways that we could utilize those opportunities this week. One of the days we specifically trained on restarting the ball quickly and not doing some organized set play, and whatever the situation gives you, take advantage of it. Jordan and Brittany's experience and the team being well-prepared for free-kick situations really helped us."

Midfielder Brittany Klein:

On the team winning its conference opener:
"It gives us a lot of confidence as a team, we know we're capable of winning big games out there, so it will help us going ahead this season."

On her goal:
"It was a sharp angle, and when I shot it I was hoping it would hit that angle in the far corner. I was a little nervous about it not going in, but glad it did."

On having practiced the type of play that resulted in the first goal:
"We were aware that this kind of play was going to play a role in this game, so Jordan and I just made eye contact, and it worked for us."

Goalkeeper Meagan McCray:

On the defense's strong efforts this season:
"This feels great, I think it comes down to having a strong back four and defensive mids working real hard for us. It's a real team effort."

On making the save against Huston in the first minute:
"The ball came down the line real fast at the top of the box, so I thought I might as well come out, sprawl out, and hope the ball deflects off me, and it did. I pulled it back in the box with my feet and picked it up. You gotta make a play on the first ball that comes in."

On having a breakout season 13 matches in:
"I'm not surprised, I think our team is really coming together and we're all real confident."

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