Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 11, 2005

Saint Louis Head Coach Tim Champion:

"I think the best thing for us was to draw a team like Stanford. We want to play someone that people know about. I think our players came out and played hard. They played at a high level. It was a great experience for our team."

(on Santa Clara) "They just seem to turn it up a notch at this time of year. That's what we need to do on Sunday. It will be a great game."

Junior Maureen Hughes:

(on Sunday's match with Santa Clara) "Santa Clara is a great team. They played really well against us. I thought we played with them last time. Obviously, they are a very good team but I thought we kept up. We played, I thought, really well."

Stanford Head Coach Paul Radcliffe:

"I think Saint Louis scored a great goal in the first half and then we were chasing the game. We had a lot of great opportunities and couldn't break the net."

"I think if Saint Louis plays with the same emotion, same appetite for the game, same bite on Sunday, they definitely can do very well against Santa Clara. I thought they had a strong game. In saying that, I think that Santa Clara is pretty potent in the final third and if they can score against them then that changes things. We just couldn't break the ice to get that goal to give us confidence and momentum."

Senior Lindsey Hunt:

"I think the team showed a lot of courage and heart playing the whole 90 minutes. I think we can hold our heads up high. I'm proud of everyone on the team for working hard and hanging in there. We had some great opportunities. We played well. We just had a hard time getting it in the net."

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