NCAA First Round Post-Match Quotes

Nov. 12, 2004

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Head Coach Paul Ratcliffe
"I think it wasn't the prettiest game but we scored early and we scored twice and psychologically I think that really helped us and then it was just they had a few chances, we had a few chances, it was pretty even as far as I was concerned but when you score a couple of goals early, psychologically I think the momentum really goes your way."

Senior Forward Marcie Ward
"We're used to kind of relying on the defense and then maybe getting a scrappy goal or setting something up or going into overtime or something. But I think we had the two-goal lead which created a lot more confidence in us and we didn't have to sit back and protect the goal. So we actually created a lot more opportunities I think to our advantage."

Senior Midfielder Martha West
"Maybe I get a little complacent but when I see a shot go toward our goal, I start turning and heading up the field. I'm like `Barney's (Nicole Barnhart) going to get it.' We have been a team this year where we know we're not going to get scored on and we go in with that mentality and we try to do everything we can to get our one goal or two goals. We haven't been up 2-0 I think all season. So, it's a nice feeling."

Senior Goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart
"We played well. Being up 2-0 definitely helped us... A lot of their shots were from outside which is kind of what we wanted and they couldn't really get behind us at all which is what we were aiming at so that didn't create too many scary chances."

Cal Poly
Head Coach Alex Crozier
"We were playing well. We just made two mistakes, didn't clear balls well and we paid for it. Stanford's a good team and against good teams you can't make mistakes like that. Other than that, I don't think they got a great look at goal. We got a couple of good looks, hit posts, keeper made some good saves. It could have easily been 2-0 the other way but they're a good team. We made our mistakes and we paid for it."

Senior Midfielder Stephanie Hedien
(on losing to Stanford) "I think the fact that it was Stanford again wasn't as significant as the fact that it was the first round again. The first time we played Stanford, they truly beat us. We walked off the field and it was just kind of like you know they were the better team. They won but I don't think that was necessarily the case today. And that makes it a lot harder."

Senior Forward Erin Martin
"I've never felt so pumped up from my teammates confidence-wise before we started this game. It was like we went out there knowing that we could beat this team and that we were going to win and we just got a little unlucky."

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