NCAA First Round Post-Match Quotes

Nov. 12, 2004

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Santa Clara
Head Coach Jerry Smith
"I'm very proud of our team's effort especially in the second half today. Cal was a very well-coached team today. They were very organized and I thought they played with tremendous determination. They put us on our heels in the first half and we're not used to being put on our heels, and I think rightly so they were ahead in the match for most of the first half. But our team battled back and scored a great goal right at the death of the halftime and I think that really, looking back on it, made a big difference. It deflated Cal a little bit and then just a tremendous serve and finish on our winning goal today from Megan to Leslie."

"I have a lot of respect for Cal's effort out there today and I'm very proud of my team and our comeback and it was great to come from behind in an NCAA game because you're bound to be in that position somewhere down the road and to know that you can come back against a tough team gives you confidence if you're in that situation the next time."

Senior Midfielder Leslie Osborne
(on her goal) "It was a perfect ball and I love those balls and I think she's been playing me those balls for three years now."

(on the first goal) "That gave us the momentum at halftime to come together, talk about what we should be doing, what we could be doing better and then coming out in the second half and just dominating."

Senior Forward Megan Kakadelas
(on her corner kick) "I usually look for her (Osborne) when I'm going to play a far post ball because 90 percent of the time she's going to get on the end of it, but I just kind of floated it over to her... she's really good in the air."

Head Coach Kevin Boyd
"It went exactly how we thought it was going to be in terms of just a very, very competitive tough match and I felt that whoever won was going to win by one point and I did think that it was going to be us but it was a good game. Santa Clara's a very good team. We always know that and I thought we played them well also. So, I think that was as good a game as you're going to see."

Sophomore Midfielder Nadia Al-Lami
(on next year) "I think next year's just going to be even better. We've matured so much throughout this year. Just from the first time we played Santa Clara until today we can see that we are a much better team and we have really good chemistry and I'm really excited and I think next year's going to be even better."

Freshman Midfielder Chioma Igwe
(on her corner kicks) "We practice them all the time so it's really pretty repetitive, you know where the person you need is and just always make connections. Nadia... I always find her."

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