One-on-One with Leslie Osborne

One-on-One with Leslie Osborne

Oct. 14, 2004

The Santa Clara

Santa Clara women's soccer team captain Leslie Osborne is one of seven seniors on the team. She's a member of the U.S. National Team, a former West Coast Conference Player of the Year, and was a member of the 2001 National Championship Bronco women's squad. The Santa Clara's Brian Witter sat down with Osborne and discussed roles of leadership, the team's record and her potential future as a coach at her alma mater.

BW: Name a favorite experience that you've had in your four years here.

LO: Winning the national championship as a freshman. Winning with players like Aly Wagner and Devvyn Hawkins made my freshman experience great.

BW: How do you approach your role as team captain?

LO: I looked up to my former captains and I see how they treated us when we were freshmen. I try to emulate them as role models.

BW: Who do you feel is doing well on the team right now?

LO: Our defenders Catherine Sigler and Lana Bowen. They had a tough role to assume after Jessica Ballweg broke her leg and I think they've done great.

BW: The team lost against San Diego on Sunday, causing your fourth loss. What do you think has been contributing to your losses?

LO: Mostly our lack of focus. We concentrate on winning too hard.

BW: What do you do away from playing soccer or doing work?

LO: I hang out with my boyfriend Kyle (Bailey) who is on the basketball team and my other friends, but soccer and school are my life.

BW: Do you have any post-graduation plans?

LO: I'll be here until the end of next fall studying. I'd like the opportunity to appear with the national team again. I want to make it to the World Cup, but I want to go to grad school as well. Also, I want to come back and coach.

BW: Do you see yourself following in the footsteps of Brandi Chastain by winning a World Cup and coaching at Santa Clara?

LO: Exactly.

BW: What do you think of the fan support here at Santa Clara?

LO: As a freshman I was really surprised to see how many people came to our games. I think the Ruff Riders really help us and I'm pretty happy with the fans we get but I'd like to see more.

BW: What do you think of the men's team's success this year?

LO: My freshman and sophomore year, we were always getting the attention and they were always working so hard. This year, they're so good and really fun to watch.

BW: Do you have any favorite players on the team?

LO: I love to watch Medhi (Ballouchy) and also Erik Ustruck. They both play midfielder too and I always learn so much by watching them play.

BW: You're pretty energetic on the field. Any trash-talking going on out there?

LO: Yeah, I'm pretty vocal. I've had problems with a few refs, and I'll always say something if it needs to be said.

BW: What do you intend to accomplish this year?

LO: I want to leave here with a national championship. I started here as a national champion, and I want to know that I did everything in my power to leave as one.

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