Women's Soccer to Celebrate Program's Silver Anniversary

Women's Soccer to Celebrate Program's Silver Anniversary

Feb. 2, 2005

The Santa Clara University women's soccer program is commemorating its 25th anniversary in 2005 with a weekend of celebration and invites soccer alumni, coaches, parents and fans of the program to join in remembering, laughing, and celebrating the victories, friendships, road trips, endless workouts and camaraderie that has helped define one of the elite women's soccer programs in the country. For a handout that details the program's tradition of excellence, please Click Here.

Santa Clara will host a weekend reunion Friday, May 20 through Saturday, May 21. A tentative agenda for the weekend's festivities is as follows:

Friday, May 20

  • Cocktail reception and dinner
  • Video presentation - "A Look Back Over the Years"
  • After event toast at "The Hut"

    Saturday, May 21

  • Alumni games (broken down by age divisions)
  • Kids Clinic - sponsored by the Bronco Coaching Staff
  • Annual Homecoming Picnic
  • Reunion Dinners for the Classes of '80, '85, '90, '95, '00

    Michelle Walsh '87 is serving as event coordinator for the anniversary celebration. She said, "From the early teams that had to camp out during road trips to the multitude of teams that have reached the prestigious College Cup, we are all part of a great legacy. On May 20 we will take a moment to celebrate victories and championships as well as great friendships and important life experiences that in many cases helped define our college experiences and the lives we're enjoying today."

    There are more than 220 players and coaches that have been part of the women's soccer program. Please see below to review a list of lost alumnae and call SCU's Alumni Office at 408-554-6800 or toll-free at 866-554-6800 with any contact information you are able to provide. Walsh can also be contacted directly at Michelle@Walsh.net.

    The program recognizes that numerous have provided support and encouragement over the years, so if there's anyone that should be invited, please share that information as well. Invitations to this special celebration will be mailed in early spring. And please call fellow teammates to encourage attendance.

    "We want to make sure everyone is recognized for their contribution and has the opportunity to come join the celebration," she added.

    "I'm very excited about this wonderful opportunity to connect our past with our present," 18-year head coach Jerry Smith said. "It's a chance for some of the current players to develop a greater understanding of the foundation in which this great program was built. Additionally, this would provide all of us a great opportunity to strengthen the common bonds that tie our wonderfully diverse lives together."

    Please Help Us Find the Following:

  • '80 - Penny Reynolds
  • '80 - Shareen Foster
  • '83 - Elizabeth Neubeyer
  • '88 - Christine Mesmer Varisco
  • '91 - Maureen Pendras
  • '93 - Imma Oosterkamp
  • '95 - Kristi DeVert
  • '02 - Katie Shepard
  • '90 - Kelly Adams Cook
  • '97 - Hilary Scott
  • '80 - Mary Ann Capule
  • '97 - Rachel Stoppello
  • Coach - Mark Narciso
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