10 Burning Questions: Bronco Soccer's Megan Kakadelas

10 Burning Questions: Bronco Soccer's Megan Kakadelas

Jan. 25, 2005

By Jen Chang

Megan Kakadelas is a senior forward from Carlsbad, Calif. She scored seven goals and added seven assists to lead the Santa Clara Broncos with 21 points on the year. She was named to the NSCAA/adidas All-America team and was also the 2004 NSCAA/adidas Scholar Athlete of the Year.

The first team All-WCC selection had 21 starts and shined during the postseason. She scored the game-winning goal just 31 seconds in overtime against top-seeded North Carolina to make women's soccer history, as the Broncos stopped the Tar Heels from advancing to the College Cup for the first time in the Championship's 23-year tenure.

JC: You're a senior, what are your plans after graduation? Are you planning on pursuing a soccer career?

MK: Right now I have an offer from an accounting firm but I've deferred it. I'm planning to look into opportunities to continue playing in Europe, perhaps Italy or Spain.

JC: What do you think accounted for your strong senior year showing and the success of the team as a whole?

MK: I think this past year we just had extremely strong team chemistry. We trained intensively in the spring and also went on a pre-season trip to Costa Rica which helped tremendously.

JC: You originally went to USC, why did you transfer to Santa Clara?

MK: Santa Clara just has a great tradition in women's soccer and I wanted the opportunity to play with top players like Aly Wagner. Playing for a coach like Jerry Smith was also a large factor in my decision to transfer.

JC: Ok, here's your 10 Burning Questions. First question, who's your dream date:

MK: Matt Damon.

JC: Favorite sports movie of all time?

MK: Sea Biscuit.

JC: Good choice, but I've surprised you didn't say Bend It Like Beckham due to the Santa Clara connection in that movie?

MK: True, that's a good point. [laughs]

JC: Best player you've played against?

MK: Ryan Cochrane (San Jose Earthquakes and ex-Santa Clara). He's a good friend of mine and we train together sometimes. He absolutely kills me.

JC: Best Bond - Connery, Moore or Brosnan?

MK: I don't watch Bond movies that much, but if I had to choose it'd be Sean Connery.

JC: Kobe or Shaq?

MK: Shaq.

JC: Worst film you've watched this last year?

MK: Le Divorce.

JC: Pro sport you wouldn't miss if it were gone?

MK: Golf.

JC: What's playing in your car CD right now?

MK: Nelly Furtado.

JC: Who's your favorite soccer player right now?

MK: Ronaldinho.

JC: If you could fire any TV celebrity, who would you get rid of?

MK: Definitely Paris Hilton.

JC: Ok thanks and good luck with everything.

MK: Thanks.

Jen Chang is the U.S. editor for ESPN Soccernet.com. He can be reached at: armchairsweeper@gmail.com.

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