Ballweg's Desert Island Discs

Ballweg's Desert Island Discs

May 21, 2002

U.S. Soccer - Defender Jessica Ballweg, who is tied for the all-time lead in under-19 national team caps for the USA, hails from Metuchen, N.J. While she is definitely an East Coast girl, she decided to go to college on the West Coast at Santa Clara University, meaning that she can run with posses on both coasts.

This month in Center Circle, she lists her top-five "Desert Island Discs," the five albums that she would bring with her if she was stranded somewhere in the Caribbean. Appropriately enough, she compiled her list while on the island of Tobago for the CONCACAF Under-19 Qualifying Tournament.

1) Dave Mathews Band, "Crash" - "This CD has a lot of my favorite songs. It is music I could never get sick of. It puts me in a relaxing, chill mood and makes me happy. It also brings back a lot of great memories with my friends at concerts and stuff."

2) Lifehouse, "No Name Face" - "This CD features the song 'Hanging by a Moment.' My boyfriend and I say that this is 'our song.' The lyrics are very meaningful to us."

3) A rap CD - "I would have to bring a rap CD, but I can't decide which one. If I had to choose, it would probably be Dr. Dre. His music gets me pumped up and always has a good beat to it. When I'm tired or bored, it gets me moving again. It also makes me feel like a gangster so I will be able to protect myself against the lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Did I go from Dr. Dre to the Wizard of Oz? Yes, that's how versatile my musical taste is."

4) The Beatles, "The Beatles 1" - "I love the song 'Help!' I can hope that if I play this song loud enough, someone will hear it and rescue me from this darn island that I'm stranded on."

5) A CD with the song "I Will Survive" - "If no one hears the Beatles song and come rescue me from the island, this one will give me inner strength to survive like Tom Hanks in Cast Away."