An Inside Look at SCU Women's Golf: What are the Odds??

An Inside Look at SCU Women's Golf: What are the Odds??

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara University junior Balbina Guajardo and the Bronco women's golf team had a great week, winning the SCU Colby Invitational by 20 shots. Take a behind-the-scenes look into the program from a player's point of view. Check it out....

Many people like to say 'Hard work pays off!' and we've definitely had a week full of surprises and good news! We've been working really hard lately, and were looking forward to playing some holes... It all started Friday at the golf course when Kelsy (senior) was motivating the team saying that if someone made a Hole-in-One she would give us cupcakes, and we were all joking about it because let's face it... What are the odds?? 

But freshman Kaci McCartan proved everyone wrong, by making her first ever Hole-in-One. The whole team was amazed. We were all super excited, and of course she did get the delicious cupcakes and more presents as well. Thanks Kaci, for reminding us that nothing is impossible, and that after working hard we can achieve our goals if we never give up. 

But the story continues as we go to play our home tournament and post our two lowest rounds of the season, and win the tournament as well. This is also the first time that our team wins the home event that has been played for over 13 years. Way to go Broncos! 

I would like to congratulate Taylor Camany for her first collegiate tournament win after recording the lowest score of the season so far. Great work! 

As a team we had four players finish Top 10:
1st - Taylor Camany
2nd - Balbina Guajardo
4th - Tamara Surtees
6th - Morgan McClure 

The team is starting to get more solid rounds, and we are also starting to have more constant rounds in the 70's. Keep checking back for more updates since we still have one more tournament in the fall season. We will be playing at Cal Poly in two weeks!

Thanks for your support, 


Go Broncos!