Bedolla Wins Santa Clara County Championship

Bedolla Wins Santa Clara County Championship

Aug. 17, 2009

Senior Kimberly Bedolla of the women's golf team won the Santa Clara County Women's Golf Championship at San Jose Country Club on August 6. With scores of one-under 69 and five-over 75, Bedolla, a fourth generation Santa Clara student and transfer from Cañada College, was able to seal her first victory by 11 strokes; and at her home course no less.

"Kimberly has, as she said, fallen in love with the game of golf," said Bronco head coach Polly Schulze. "Her transition on to the team here as SCU was not an easy one but she persevered and kept working hard which is a testament to how much she loves the game. She works very hard on her game consistently and to see her rewarded with such a great result is certainly satisfying. I look forward to seeing her summer success transfer to her senior year on the team." sat down with Kimberly to talk about what it meant to win at home, what made her walk on to the team, and who she would want in her dream four-some.

SCU: What did it mean for you to win the tournament at your home course, San Jose Country Club, and against a field that tournament director Mitz Alverson called the most impressive field of the last 10 years?

KB: It was really exciting having my first win be at my home course. I love playing at San Jose and going out there and shooting a low number was awesome. I was playing against one of my friends who I had never beaten before, so it was nice to finally beat her.

SCU: You shot a one-under 69 in your first round and a five-over 75 in your second round to win the top flight of the Santa Clara County Championship. Where would you rank this among the best rounds of your life?

KB: It was the best round of my life and the first time I had shot under par. I had 3 birdie putts that lipped out throughout the round so it could have been lower. It is exciting to see the process I need to go through if I want to shoot under par.

SCU: Former Bronco Corey Utsurogi had held the title for the last two years. Had you talked to her about the tournament at all and making sure that a Bronco won the title again this year?

KB: I didn't talk to her before but I did talk to her after. She congratulated me on keeping the trophy in the family.

SCU: You walked onto the team at Santa Clara. What made you decide to come out for the team?

KB: I started playing golf the summer before my senior year in high school and I fell in love with the game. I was determined to play division I golf, but at the same time I didn't want to sacrifice academics to play golf. Santa Clara was one of the few schools where I could get a good education and play on the team. There were opening spots and I was able to walk on.

SCU: What would you say is the strongest part of your game and what do you think you need to improve?

KB: The strongest part is my putting. I need to improve on hitting it longer off the tee. I hit it about 200 yards on the fly and it's not enough. If I could average a drive that goes 225, the golf course will get a lot easier.

SCU: What is your major and what do you think you want to do after you graduate?

KB: I am a communications major. After I graduate I think I am going to take a year off and then look into dental school.

SCU: Who is in your dream 4-some and where would you play?

KB: Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Jim Furyk. We would either play at Olympic Club or Pebble Beach. I drive by Pebble whenever I go to Spyglass and I really want to play there.

SCU: Who do you think is going to win the PGA Championship?

KB: Tiger Woods. He is on a roll and I think he will keep it going.

Favorite Golfer: Tiger Woods and Boo Weekley

Favorite club in your bag: 9-iron. I recently got a hole-in-one with it at La Rinconada on the seventh hole.

Favorite movie: Animal House

One item on a desert island: Sun block

Favorite place to shop: Nordstrom

Go Broncos!!