Women's Golf Participates in Coastal Cleanup Day

Women's Golf Participates in Coastal Cleanup Day

Sept. 17, 2007

Santa Clara, Calif. -- The Santa Clara women's golf team participated in Coastal Cleanup Day this weekend put on by Save Our Shores which is worldwide volunteer effort to rid beaches and waterways of dangerous trash that washes out in to the oceans. Preliminary numbers states that over 10,500 pounds of trash was taken off Santa Cruz County beaches and waterways in the effort with over 2,700 volunteers participating.

The effort kicked off the team's Santa Cruz Retreat weekend which includes a Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk adventure complete with bonfire to end the day and a Kayaking excursion out in to the Elkhorn Slough the next morning.

"I wanted the team to begin their retreat by performing a community service effort as a way to remind them that the foundation of their SCU experience as well as golf team experience is laid in the idea of being of service to others," said head coach Polly Schulze. "In this case it was being of service to the marine life our oceans that are at the mercy of the conscience of humans. I hope the team will take away the lesson that we have to be conscious of our actions and how they affect others. The team did a fantastic job of volunteering with enthusiasm and energy. They were much appreciated by the folks at Save Our Shores. We were happy to be of assistance."

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