Women's Rowing Finishes Season at WCC Championships; Two Named All-Conference

Women's Rowing Finishes Season at WCC Championships; Two Named All-Conference

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – With the season now in the rearview mirror, Santa Clara women's rowing had two rowers named to the All-West Coast Conference Rowing Team. Seniors Megan Alferness and Blair Mitchell both received the honors after being named Preseason All-WCC as well. The Broncos also wrapped up their season at the WCC Championships where they competed in the I Eight and II Eight.

"This was a tough season," said Santa Clara head coach John Wojtkiewicz. "We've made so many positive steps forward in our team culture and the consistency of our training.  We absolutely are faster than we were last year.  Our ergs are faster, our practice pieces are faster, but in the end we weren't able to put it all together on the water for race day."

Despite the difficult season Santa Clara can use the year as a stepping-stone for future teams.

"I'm proud of what our eight seniors were able to contribute to this team, and their contribution will be missed," added Wojtkiewicz. "Next year, we will have their legacy of commitment to lead us. I also think the returners will be able to move forward from that example, and focus on the quality of their training, on top of the consistency. We will also be prioritizing more racing experience by bulking up our 2014-15 racing calendar."

As for the two Broncos that were named All-Conference, Wojtkiewicz could not be happier with how they performed.

"Blair and Megan have been leaders on our team from day one, and their growth on the team has been exponential," said Wojtkiewicz. "I am excited for them to go out into the world as an excellent example of Santa Clara rowing and athletics."



Michelle Campbell, San Diego


Erica Mayer, San Diego


Nneka Anyanwu, San Diego


Kim Cupini, San Diego


Haley Adams, Saint Mary's

Megan Alferness, Santa Clara

Nneka Anyanwu, San Diego

Suzanne Blair, Portland

Toni Boteva, Loyola Marymount

Michelle Campbell, San Diego

MaryAnn Concannon, Saint Mary's

Madison Keaty, Gonzaga

Jessica Kegel, Loyola Marymount

Taylor Kendzierski, San Diego

Lauren Klick, Creighton

Brianna Lamb, San Diego

Malori McGill, Gonzaga

Blair Mitchell, Santa Clara

Jamie Opra, Portland

Kara Soucek, Gonzaga

Anne Marie Stonikas, Creighton


1. San Diego – 42

2. Gonzaga – 36

3. Saint Mary's - 27

4. Portland – 27*

5. Loyola Marymount – 18

6. Creighton – 12

7. Santa Clara – 5

*Tiebreaker - I Eight Finish

West Coast Conference Championships Final Results 

II Eight Official Results

1. San Diego – 6:50.5

(Cox: Karli Whittenberg, Megan McNamara, Jennifer Travis, Avalon Koenig, Carla Kinnunen, Uche Anyanwu, Rachael Kincaid, Ellycia Halden, Allyson Ward)

2. Gonzaga – 6:53.6

(Cox: Jordan Schroeder, Naomi Medley, Meghan McCallum, Maddie Turbes, Lily Rorick, Alyssa Bashor, Ingrid Stansberry, Wendy Wigg, Hannah Brown)

3. Portland – 7:11.1

(Cox: Kelsey Kincaid, Jessie Osborn, Claire Seibold, Suzanne Blair, Kayla Russell, Lauren Wilson, Camden Revell, Tara Molina, Lucy Grimm)

4. Saint Mary's – 7:18.3

(Cox: Taylor Boss, Mariah Hemminger, Alexa Gordon, Sharyl Koenig, Kyla Dodsworth, Kiara Grey, Julia Turner, Tessa Cunha, Jessica Anthony)

5. Loyola Marymount – 7:25.1

(Cox: Emma Wright, Karina Yalcin, Jessica Burns, Louisa Del Valle, Monica Weaser, Callie Aaker, P.K. Carey-Jones, Ashley Brown, Danielle Ciraulo)

6. Creighton – 7:34.6

(Cox: Sarah Steffes, Maria Murray, Whitney Jenich, Laura Jo Washle, Sarah Stephani, Miranda Lonsdale, Whitney Corilon, Isabelle Buhr, Anna Cheek)

7. Santa Clara – 8:04.8

(Cox: Ana Burgoes, Mary Smith, Katherine Kilmer, Laura Thompson, Michelle Castro, Ariel Ross, Analisa Goossens, Brenda Arellanoq, Sadhana Bharadwaj)

I Eight Official Results

1. San Diego – 6:48.6

(Cox: Erica Mayer, Mary Jo Keys, Michelle Campbell, Brianna Lamb, Nneka Anyanwu, Megan Goodman, Cristina Morcom, Taylor Kendzierski, Courtney Olson)

2. Gonzaga – 6:53.9

(Cox: Naseeb Bhangal, Madison Keaty, Casey Burt, Kara Soucek, Devyn Bell, Sarah Atkins, Brooklyn Beeler, Malori McGill, Becca Benoit)

3. Saint Mary's – 7:05.9

(Cox: Natalie Livingston, Haley Adams, Maryann Concannon, Sabrina Scott, Katherine Wahl, Ashley Arancio, Marianna Irby, Adriana Palmiere, Michelle Felmlee-Gartner)

4. Portland – 7:11.4

(Cox: Hannah Dahlem, Maggie Keller, Bridget Sloat, Molly Templin, Melissa Gomez, Karen Christiansen, Mia Tarte, Hannah Johnson, Jamie Opra)

5. Loyola Marymount – 7:26.0

(Cox: Jen Koester, Silvia Torsellini, Paulina Lindstedt, Jessica Kegel, Toni Boteva, Numa Dorling, Clara Brackbill, Madison Hodgkins, Ciara Campbell)

6. Creighton 7:32.5

(Cox: Hayley Pilcher, Sarah Birnbaum, Nicole Kamada, Arianna Dalamaggas, Anne Marie Stonikas, Kaitlin Dougherty, Lauren Klick, Shannon Flannery, Meredith Pawlowski)

7. Santa Clara – 7:50.0

(Cox: Megan Alferness, Kelby Nardoni, Katie Bond, Bianca Garcia, Brittany Peters, Veronica Herr, Carina Brocato, Blair Mitchell, Molly Walker)