Lohe's College Experience on the West Coast

Lohe's College Experience on the West Coast

By Sara Vierra 15'


Adrienne Lohe (AL) became a varsity women's crew member during the 2011-2012 season, and rowed as a novice for the Broncos her freshman year. With her athletic background in track and cross country, crew was a new sport to Lohe when she became a Bronco. 

Lohe has had a successful academic and athletic career at Santa Clara University (SCU), but looks forward to returning to the east coast after graduation. Lohe talked about her experiences at SCU with www.SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCB). 

SCB: Do you enjoy attending college on the West coast? 

AL: Going to school on the West coast has been an awesome experience. First of all, the weather is so much nicer than at home in Boston. Secondly, I get to row all year round without ice or snow. I've loved exploring California even though I miss my family and friends at home. I've met all different kinds of people and they have all made my experience unforgettable. I plan on moving back to the east coast after graduating but I am so glad I got to spend 4 years at Santa Clara.

SCB: What made you choose Santa Clara University?

AL: I always wanted to go to college far away from home, and preferably in warmer weather! I applied to some schools in South Carolina and a few in California, but once I visited Santa Clara I really loved the campus and knew I could fit in really well here.

 SCB: Why did you decide to join crew?

AL: The first week of my freshman year I was at the club fair and walked past the women's crew table. I'd never rowed before, but was looking for something new to try. One of the girls handed me a flyer and told me no experience was necessary. I had been on the cross country team in high school and loved being a part of a team, so I was excited about the opportunity. The next week I went to a meeting and listened to some of the older girls on the team talk about how fun it was and how you would become really close with your teammates and was convinced to show up at 5:45 am practice the next week!

 SCB: Has it been difficult balancing athletics, academics, and a social life throughout college?

AL: Most of the time it's a challenge to balance athletics, academics and a social life. Because practice is so early 5 days a week, it's not a good idea to stay up the night before either studying or hanging out with friends. Crew taught me to manage my time so I can fit everything in, and really appreciate my weekends when I have free time to have fun with friends.

 SCB: Would you like to continue rowing after college?

AL: I'd like to continue rowing after I graduate in a less competitive atmosphere. I do really love rowing and look forward to going for later-morning rows in the future. There's also an alumni race at the San Diego Crew Classic which I would love to be a part of in the future.

SCB: Do you have any pre-game rituals you perform or pre-game meals you eat to prepare for a race? 

AL: Usually we race in the morning, so on the road we always have bagels with peanut butter and clementines. Other than that I don't do anything special...expect try to get a good night's sleep before the race!

SCB: If you had to describe your experience at Santa Clara University in one word, What would it be?

AL: Sunny!