Post Game Quotes

March 6, 2005

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Gonzaga Head Coach Kelly Graves
On Santa Clara:
They deserved it today. They outplayed us in every phase, especially when it counted. Those guys put it all together. Hats off to them.

On 23-game winning streak:
I figured it was going to end. I was just hoping it was not today.

On making the NCAA Tournament:
I really haven't thought about it. I thought we were going to win this tournament. I think with our resume, this team deserves it. We don't have any bad losses and we have some good wins.

On making the NCAA Tournament:
I'm not going to worry about it. I think we deserve it.

On Gonzaga defense:
Tonight our defense let us down.

On Shannon Mathews:
She took a chance. I left it up to her and our doctor.

Gonzaga's Ashley Burke
On Santa Clara's shooting:
We were trying to do whatever we could. Trying to disrupt their rhythm. They were just going. They deserve the credit.

Santa Clara Head Coach Michelle Bento-Jackson
On the win:
Wow! I give all the credit in the world to the 14 girls on our team. They had the refuse to lose attitude. They came together and were determined not to lose this.

On Ashley Graham:
Ashley is a phenomenal shooter. She got in the zone and we jumped on her back from there.

On character of SCU:
This game and last night's game really showed the character of our team.

On Gonzaga's NCAA hopes:
I think they have a pretty good chance. They went on that long streak and have a pretty good RPI.

Santa Clara Michelle Cozad
On SCU's 3-point shooting:

People were making shots and getting in the flow.

On the difference between this year's team and last year's team:
We've turned it around from last year and it just feels so good.

On late Gonzaga run:
You can't play scared. They rattled us a little, but we held on. It showed a lot of growth in our team.

Santa Clara Ashley Graham
On her performance:
I was just excited to be out on the court making a difference for my team.

On filling a different role than the beginning of the year:
We are all filling our roles. I had to fulfil my role. As a team, we all know we have a role to play.

Santa Clara Quinn Thomas
On SCU's young team and their performance:
It's just a blessing to be here. We just have a good team.

On SCU's shooting:
We're pretty good shooters. We like to shoot. Once you make a couple of shots you just get in the flow.