A Quick Chat with Gallwway

A Quick Chat with Gallwway

Denzel Johnson '15

Rising senior Brooke Gallwway (BG) talks to Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about her last year in the program, expectations, and offseason hobbies. Gallwway is the lone senior in the class of 2016 for women's basketball.

SCB: What do you think are the best qualities of your team returning next year?

BG:  With our new coaching staff there were three things that they wanted this team to represent which were toughness, discipline and work ethic. They felt if we were the toughest team, the most disciplined and worked the hardest, we could be as successful as we wanted. It has definitely not been easy, but that is what we are striving for.

SCB: If someone traveling to Spokane, Wash. for the first time asked you what they could do to have fun, what would you tell them?

BG: Well there are a bunch of lakes in the area so there are always a ton of fun things you can do there like jet-skiing, boating, and wakeboarding so if you are an outdoorsy person then you will have a great time!

SCB: Tell me about the game that will always stick out to you and be your favorite sports story to tell.

BG: Without a doubt, that would have to be the semi-finals of the state championships in my senior year of high school. We were down by two points and one of our guards hit a three at the buzzer to win the game! Another reason this will be my favorite is because it's the last game I won in high school. The very next game we lost at the buzzer the exact same way we had just won.

SCB: Who is your favorite player to watch in the NBA today?

BG: I probably don't watch as much as I should, but I would watch Steph Curry play any day of the week. The guy can shoot out of this world and has so many skills it is really fun to watch.  He also seems like he is just a very genuine person.

SCB: With only one year left, what are the expectations for your final campaign? 
BG: The only thing that I can guarantee is that I will not take any day, practice, game, or shoot-around for granted because I know it will be over quickly. These first three years have flown by and I'm sure the last year will be the quickest.
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