Lisowski on the Close of Her Time as a Bronco

Lisowski on the Close of Her Time as a Bronco

Madison Dutra '17

As this years women's basketball season has come to an end, redshirt sophomore, Courtney Lisowski (CL) reflects on the team she has played with, the experiences she will never forget, and what her future holds in store.

SCB: How has the team chemistry been this year, working with a new group of freshmen as well as an entirely new coaching staff?

CL: Our team has great chemistry. We support one another on and off the court. With a new coaching staff this year and their new system to learn, it was like all 16 of us were freshmen. I believe this even playing field actually attributed more to our team chemistry as we learned and grew together this year.

SCB: You are a redshirt sophomore and you are graduating in three years. How does it feel being at the close of your collegiate basketball career?

CL: It is a strange feeling knowing I played my last game at Leavey. It's an even stranger feeling knowing that I'm almost done with my undergrad. I am glad that I utilized all that SCU had to offer me on and off the court, and the next few months will be an adjustment.

SCB: What has been your most memorable experience as a Bronco? 

CL: My most memorable experience as a Bronco was playing at Stanford. We didn't get the outcome we would have liked, but ever since I could dribble a ball I have imagined playing on that court. I was very happy that my childhood dream came true.

SCB: What are your plans for the future?

CL: Currently, I am in the process of figuring out a financial internship for the summer. I will be returning to the SCU campus to take my final three classes in the fall, and then will be entering the "real world" for the start of 2016. While the specific plan is not known, I know that my SCU athletic and academic background has prepared me for whatever is to come my way.

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