Taylor Berry Stepping into a Larger Role

Taylor Berry Stepping into a Larger Role

Written by Aaron Cheng '16

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Freshman Taylor Berry (TB) has seen her role quickly rise to starting guard for the Bronco's women's basketball team. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) got a chance to speak with Berry about her expanding role on the team and the outlook for the remainder of the season.

SCB: What made you want to continue your career as a Bronco?

TB: I chose to continue my career as a Bronco because there are so many opportunities to thrive on and off the court. SCU is a great school, where I can continue my education in addition to playing a sport I love. 

SCB: Your role on the team has expanded pretty quickly this season. What has helped prepare you to step up into a larger role?

TB: The support from my teammates, family and friends has helped prepare me. Another instrumental factor in my transition into a larger role has been from my coaches. They are always willing to help whenever I have questions or want to have an extra workout. 

SCB: How have you been able to establish chemistry with the rest of the team?

TB: Over the summer, we had various team bonding activities from hiking to game nights. All this was crucial to establishing chemistry. As the season progressed, the simple fact that we spend half our day with one another and our ability to achieve success and learn from our mistakes has lead us to establish good chemistry.  

SCB: How do you and the team stay focused during such a long season?

TB: Despite how it may seem, the season isn't that long. However, our chemistry and team goals of how we want to represent our ball club play a major role in keeping us focused.  

SCB: With just a month of conference play remaining do you and the team feel ready for the West Coast Conference tournament?

TB: Yes. With the season coming to an end and the WCC tournament just around the corner, we are excited. We've lost a lot of close games that we know we should have won. Now that the season is closing, we want to go out with a bang!

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