Beth Carlson Brings the Heat

Beth Carlson Brings the Heat

By: Genre McAtee '16

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Watching a Santa Clara women's basketball game is exciting for sure, but the average fan misses a lot of the action. Beth Carlson (BC) explained to Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) how making good plays is only half the battle; some of the most energy in basketball can come from where you may not expect it: in the pregame, from the bench, and in the stands!

SCB: How do you typically prepare for a match? What's your pre game ritual?

BC: Before a game we always have a shoot around and pregame meal as a team. I shower after that and usually take a nap. In the locker room we always listen to music and get focused, but I'm pretty basic with pregame rituals. 

SCB: How do you and your teammates support each other from the bench during a game?

BC: During the game it's really important to bring energy from the bench. On the sideline I try to cheer every time we score or make a good play. After we make a three or take a charge we always get excited and stand up. We also run out on the court during timeouts to meet the players that are in and keep encouraging them. We just have to keep the energy and momentum going, which starts on the bench. 

SCB: What's the most exciting part of a game?

BC: Every game is different, but during close games the last couple minutes are the most exciting. We also get really pumped up if someone is having a good game and scores a big basket. There are just a lot of exciting moments in a basketball game; it's hard to specify one!

SCB: In your opinion what's the difference between a good player and a great basketball player?

BC: I would say that good basketball players are skilled and know all the plays that a coach teaches. They work hard at practice and show respect. But a great basketball player truly understands the game. They are able to read and react to any circumstances during a game, while also holding their teammates accountable. Being a leader is challenging, especially at the college level, but it's a huge part in being a great player.

SCB: If you could have any three people in the world come and support you at one of your games, who would they be?

BC: Other than my family, I would have Khloe Kardashian, Oprah, and Richard Sherman come support me at a game.

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