Lori Parkinson Makes Her Way West

Lori Parkinson Makes Her Way West

Ben Dines '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Lori Parkinson (LP) played her NCAA basketball last season at Southern Utah under new Bronco head coach JR Payne.  Parkinson spoke with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about her experience so far and hopeful contributions to the team.

SCB: Several coaching members from Southern Utah came to SCU this past offseason, including head coach JR Payne.  Along with these familiar faces, what drew you to the Mission campus? 

LP: Honestly, I just wanted to experience something different. All I've really experienced is Utah so I just wanted a change. The location was another factor. There is a lot more to do here.

SCB: What has it been like adapting to SCU? 

LP: After my mom left, I was pretty homesick. My coaches and teammates made it really easy to adjust. They were very friendly and welcoming. It feels like I've known them for longer. 

SCB: What do you see as your role on the Broncos this season?  What are you bringing to the team? 

LP: My role this year is to support and help my teammates along with work on my individual game. I'm lucky enough to have had two years of experience within the system and with the coaches. I'm pretty vocal and energetic so you will definitely hear me cheering at games. This year I'll bring energy, experience and competiveness. 

SCB: What else are you excited about in the upcoming year?

LP: Right now I'm really excited to start practice and get everything rolling. I think we all are just ready to show the WCC what we are made of.

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