Arteivia Lilomaiava Emerging as a Key Player for SCU Women’s Basketball

Arteivia Lilomaiava Emerging as a Key Player for SCU Women’s Basketball

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Arteivia Lilomaiava continues to play an increased role on Santa Clara University's women's basketball team. Lilomaiava (pronounced 'lee-low-my-ava') is a sophomore, who starred at nearby Aragon High School, where she was twice named the San Mateo County 'Player of the Year.' She recently took the time to answer a few questions from (SCB) about basketball, academics, her teammates and motivation.

SCB: As a sophomore, cracking into the starting lineup and emerging as a key player, what was the biggest challenge you had to overcome to be an impact collegiate player?

AL: The biggest challenge I had to overcome is learning to slow down and have composure on the court and to just be an overall solid player for my teammates.

SCB: Academically, what classes have interested you most at Santa Clara thus far and why?

AL: I am majoring in Liberal Studies; in the future I would love to be a teacher. I am currently taking classes that focus on learning how to teach such as teaching skills for elementary math teachers and health education 70.

SCB: Going 6-1 to start this season was exciting to watch. What was your favorite memory/game/moment of that early-season run and why?

AL: My favorite game of this early season was our win against Southern Utah. The biggest memory from this game was running onto the court after Ashley Armstrong hit the winning three.

SCB: Beginning the season in October and going through March, what are some of the things that keep you motivated on a daily basis?

AL: My family and my team are my two biggest motivations. My family comes to all my home games and they support me when times get rough. As well as with my teammates, we are like one big sisterhood. We keep each other's heads up and we push one another to get better everyday.

SCB: It seems like you and your teammates have a lot of fun together. How would you describe the team's culture? What are some things you have really enjoyed about being part of SCU basketball?

AL: The best way to describe our team is UNIQUE. We are all interesting and crazy in our own little ways. The biggest thing I enjoy about this team is how close we are and how we can make an ordinary day turn into a crazy day full of laughter and smiles.