Shooting Jumpers With Maggie Goldenberger

Shooting Jumpers With Maggie Goldenberger

Feature by Media Relations Student Assistant Anne Sobczak

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Senior Maggie Goldenberger looks to lead the Santa Clara women's basketball team to a successful 2009-2010 campaign in her final season as a Bronco. This season you have a relatively young team. What do you have to do as a senior to help your younger teammates reach a higher level of play and to help with a lack of experience?

MG: I think the most important thing is getting some experience under their belts. We played two big schools this past weekend and didn't have the outcome we had wanted or what I thought we could have produced, but the freshmen got of a taste of how physically teams play and what the talent is going to be like at this level. As a senior I am just going to continue to reiterate that we don't want a season like last season and we all need to bump up the intensity and physically in practice everyday.

SCB: You said you would like to start fresh this season after last year. What did you do in the off-season both individually and as a team to adjust and prepare for a successful season this year?

MG: Individually I did a lot of rehabbing on a back injury and finally was able to do most of the conditioning with the team at the end of September. The rest of the team worked incredibly hard during the spring with 6 am workouts, came early for summer school to work out and continued to work hard this fall. We were all over the place this off-season: the weight room, the pool, on the court, on Bellomy field, and even the practice soccer field at times. I'm really proud of all of the hard work we put in and I think the increase in strength and speed will be evident.

SCB: This is your fourth year living in Northern California, What is the one thing you miss most about living in Washington?

MG: The air is a little cleaner in Washington so my lungs miss that :). There also is much more of a focus on material items in this area and that was a huge adjustment for me. I miss that lack of focus on what kind of car you drive or what clothes you wear that I experienced in Olympia, Wash.

SCB: What is the most memorable game you have played in as a Bronco?

MG: I would have to say playing Saint Mary's last year in the WCC Tournament. Especially coming off the season that we had, it felt so good to beat our rivals when it really counted.

SCB: You're an environmental science major. Anything in particular you want to do to help save the earth?

MG: I just hope to utilize what I've learned to be as environmental science major as much as possible with day to day activities and promote others to do the same. I also want to use my major to get involved in some environmental justice issues in hopes to even out some of the inequalities on this Earth.

SCB: When you aren't in practice, on the road, in class, etc. - what is your favorite thing to do?

MG: When it's nice outside I love going to the beach, and when its chilly I love cuddling up and watching movies. I already have a movie list started for winter break!