Conversation with Evan Unrau

Aug. 10, 2009

We checked in with Women's Basketball Assistant Basketball Coach Evan Unrau (EU), who joined the Bronco staff in late June. Unrau discussed her career as a professional basketball player, her love of the Bay Area and her favorite moments of playing college basketball.

SCU: You joined the Santa Clara staff in late June. What excites you about this team?

EU: I am so excited to be part of this program. The players have welcomed me with open arms and I am amazed daily by their energy, personality and intelligence. I can't wait to get on the court with them!

SCU: You were an assistant coach for the UCSB team that made the NCAA Tournament last season. What knowledge can you bring from that team to help Santa Clara succeed?

EU: I have been fortunate enough to be part of winning programs. I know the hard work and dedication it takes to win. I only hope to bring my knowledge and effort and do great things at Santa Clara

SCU: What was your experience like playing in Daegu, South Korea for the World University Games in 2003?

EU: Playing at the World University Games is probably one of my greatest athletic moments. I was able to represent the USA! It's an experience that not many people experience and I was humbled by the opportunity!

SCU: What was your experience like playing professionally in Luxembourg?

EU: Luxembourg is a special little country and to be a professional athlete is pretty cool. I got paid to do the thing I love basketball! I got to travel the world and see things that I will never forget and I am a better person for the experiences.

SCU: You are going to spend a lot of time with the post players this season. Is there anything you want to focus on in particular to help them improve?

EU: I think post play is a mentality. You have to love the contact, the physicality and the battle in the paint. I want to impart a relentless tough attitude to our Broncos.

SCU: You also are going to play a large role in recruiting. What do you look for in a recruit other than their ability on the court?

EU: Santa Clara is an incredible academic institution; only the bright and well rounded student-athlete will live up to the Bronco standard. We look for great players as well as great students and great people!

SCU: Who was your favorite team to watch when you were growing up?

EU: I loved the 1996 Olympic gold medal winning women's basketball team. They set the precedence for what women's basketball could become. It is so cool to be a part of that journey and the present standard of women's basketball.

SCU: Do you have a favorite place to hang out on campus or in the area?

EU: I LOVE the Bay Area. There are so many things to do and the area is so diverse. There is a great vibe to the area. Anywhere on campus is where I want to be! It is beautiful!!

SCU: What was your favorite moment of playing college basketball at Missouri?

EU: My experiences in Missouri greatly shaped the person I am today. I was fortunate enough to have a leading role as a player and as a student! We made it to the Sweet 16 my freshman year and beat a talented Georgia team. That was a special experience for me. My senior year we played a loaded Kansas State team in a double overtime game. It was awesome. I actually scored 40 points in that game. I lost my mind on the floor and the game became easy for me. That was a moment I won't forget.

SCU: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

EU: I love being active! I am a huge fan of road biking, running and I am a self proclaimed book nerd! If anyone knows of any good books holler at me!