Chat with Basketball's Maggie Goldenberger

Chat with Basketball's Maggie Goldenberger

Preview by Monica Griffith, SCU Athletics Department Student Assistant

On a short break after their intense Spring training, Basketball's Maggie Goldenberger talks about goals for the upcoming season as well as some favorite team memories and what she sees for the future of the SCU Women's Basketball program.

SCU: What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming season?

Maggie Goldenberger: I'm just excited for everything to come together. Our record last year didn't show what kind of team we were so we definitely have something to prove.

SCU: You guys had a really intense workout schedule in the Spring. What were you working on, and how do you think it will improve your game this year?

MG: We were doing all sorts of stuff. The first week they had us running from different workouts from the weight room, to the pool, to Bellomy field, and all of this at six in the morning! I know our strength and endurance are two areas I've seen major improvements to and those are areas we really needed to work on.

SCU: Last year you really stepped up and took on a more prominent role on your team. What are some of your personal goals as this is your final season?

MG: I want to be more of an offensive threat this year. Be more aggressive in all areas and just play like it's my last season.

SCU: What are some team goals for this season?

MG: We have a lot of new people this year so I think one of the main goals initially is to get everyone moving through plays and drills and get comfortable as soon as possible so we can get going on improving in areas where it is most needed.

SCU: What opponents are you most looking forward to playing this season?

MG: Every team in our conference pretty much. I'm also excited to play Minnesota so we can all yell and throw tomatoes at Leigh. [Gregory, former assistant coach at SCU)

SCU: Last year was Coach Mountain's first year at Santa Clara. How do you think her coaching style has changed the team's play?

MG: As silly as this sounds, we were learning to play basketball. The coach before Coach Mountain had a playbook sixty plays deep and we didn't have much flexibility. We now have freedom, we just didn't really know what to do with it. We now have a year under our belt of Coach Mountain's style of play and I think that will be more apparent in the upcoming season.

SCU: Tell us about a favorite team memory.

MG: We always dance before the games to "Let Me See Your Booty" and just mess around. Before one of our St. Mary's games, Coach Leigh joined in at the last minute. It was a great moment in time and she got into it too. Then we beat them by a good margin.

SCU: What would you be doing if you weren't playing basketball?

MG: Probably just going to school somewhere in Washington with a lot more time on my hands.

SCU: What is your favorite way to celebrate a win?

MG: Be with my teammates, go eat a really good meal and then relive all the good plays of the game.

SCU: Who has had the biggest influence on you as a basketball player, and why?

MG: It might be my seventh grade basketball coach, Deronda. She played in college and she was the first person I met who was very knowledgeable about the sport and got me excited about the game.

SCU: What do you hope to do when you graduate next year?

MG: I've been thinking a lot about this lately. If I have the opportunity and funds to travel I would love to do that. Americorps might be an option for me also just to see some new scenery.

SCU: What do you see for the future of Santa Clara Women's Basketball?

MG: I see good things. I had the opportunity to watch some future recruits play this summer and there were some athletic kids. I'm excited for Coach Mountain and the program.

SCU: Where is your favorite place to eat near campus?

MG: I love Subway for their five dollar subs and Mondo Burrito is always a good call.

SCU: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

MG: I really want to go to Ireland.

SCU: What athlete would you most like to meet, and why?

MG: Richard Hamilton. I'm his biggest fan and love his mask.

SCU: What is your favorite TV show?

MG: Chelsea Lately and the Office.