96 Santa Clara University Student-Athletes Make Commissioner's Honor Roll Lists

96 Santa Clara University Student-Athletes Make Commissioner's Honor Roll Lists

June 24, 2009


The Santa Clara Athletic Department continues to shine academically as 96 student-athletes made the 2008-09 West Coast Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll, as announced by the league this week. The women were led by tennis freshman Kacie Wagner, who earned a 4.00 grade-point average as an English major; while the men were led by soccer senior Brian Martin, who posted a 3.90 GPA in finance.

"I would like to congratulate all of our student-athletes who made this year's WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll," said West Coast Conference Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich.

"This season, we saw a dramatic improvement in the number of honorees to this list which speaks to our member institution's continued dedication to promoting well-rounded student-athletes." "This huge increase reflects all of the hard work being done by our Academic Support Managers, Zoë Segnitz and Jason Stock to create a culture of academic success, by our coaches in supporting that goal, and of course, by our student-athletes who are obviously getting it done in the classroom," said Santa Clara Director of Athletics Dan Coonan. "I applaud all of them for their efforts, which are clearly paying off."

Twenty Broncos were awarded gold honors (4.00 - 3.75 GPA), including Rhodes Scholar and cross country athlete Noelle Lopez (3.99) and WCC Postgraduate Scholarship winner and basketball guard Elizabeth Doran (3.93). Twenty additional Broncos won silver honors (3.74 - 3.50 GPA), including baseball's Thain Simon (3.70) and golfer Erin Sullivan (3.74). A whopping 56 Broncos won bronze honors (3.49 - 3.00 GPA), including basketball's Troy Alexander (3.26) and rowing's Christilei Hessler (3.40).

Only grades earned at WCC institutions may be used in calculating the grade point average for this award. To be considered for this honor, student-athletes must meet the following requirements: 
1. Individuals must have earned a varsity letter in a sport which the conference determined a champion in the recently completed academic year.
2. The cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 must be based on a 4.0 scale.
3. The individuals must have successfully completed an average of at least 12 graded credit hours (non pass-fail hours) per term.

The following is the list of those honored by the WCC:

WCC Gold Honors

Kacie Wagner W. Tennis English 4.00
Noelle Lopez W. Cross Country Philosophy 3.99
Tanya Schmidt Volleyball English 3.95
Annalisa Giardina W. Crew English 3.95
Elizabeth Doran W. Basketball Bio-Engineering 3.93
Heidi Johnson W. Cross Country Undeclared 3.91
Brian Martin M. Soccer Finance 3.90
Ross Smith M. Soccer Accounting 3.89
Margueritte Aozasa W. Soccer Undeclared 3.88
Kiki Bosio W. Soccer Business 3.84
Erin McCarthy W. Cross Country Political Science 3.84
Stephanie Wilson W. Cross Country English 3.84
Alex Bon M. Golf Business 3.83
Chris Mosier M. Cross Country Political Science 3.82
Lexi Orand W. Soccer Combined Sciences 3.82
Matthew Savage M. Cross Country Undeclared 3.80
Lauren Schuster W. Rowing Accounting and MIS 3.79
Curtis Wagner Baseball Undeclared Business 3.77
Stephanie Zentner W. Crew Communications 3.77
Austin Jones M. Cross Country Engineering 3.75

WCC Silver Honors

Jennifer Light W. Cross Country Engineering 3.75
Erin Sullivan W. Golf Business 3.74
Anna Wheatley W. Cross Country Undecided 3.71
Thain Simon Baseball Finance 3.70
Bianca Henninger W. Soccer Business 3.69
Kelly Buckley W. Tennis Communications 3.68
Anne Murphy-Hagan W. Cross Country Religious Studies 3.67
Rhianna Faithfull W. Basketball Undeclared 3.65
Ashley Morisako W. Crew Undeclared 3.64
Jamie Nonaka W. Golf Marketing 3.62
Bridgett Miller W. Soccer Undeclared 3.60
Michael Santia Baseball Finance 3.59
Marlys Hunt W. Crew Chemistry 3.58
Nhu-Nguyen Le M. Cross Country Biology 3.57
Patrick Glenn Baseball Accounting 3.55
Jeff Cosgriff M. Soccer Economics 3.55
Claire Goins W. Basketball Combined Sciences 3.54
Isabelle Hoy W. Tennis Undeclared Business 3.54
Whitney Porter W. Cross Country Biology 3.54
Alyssa Chun W. Soccer Biology 3.52

WCC Bronze Honor Roll

Miki Ueoka W. Golf Biochemistry 3.49
Philip Bach M. Basketball Business 3.47
Kevin Senefeld M. Cross Country Religious Studies 3.46
Michael Calcagno M. Cross Country Mechanical Engineering 3.45
Chris Sampson M. Cross Country Civil Engineering 3.42
Eric Masch M. Soccer Undeclared 3.41
Andrew Backus M. Cross Country Mechanical Engineering 3.40
Christilei Hessler W. Rowing Philosophy 3.40
Caitlin Cutting W. Crew Liberal Studies 3.40
Austin Tenn-McClellan M. Soccer Biology 3.39
James Heintz Baseball Business Management 3.38
Kimberly Cox W. Tennis Undeclared 3.37
Lauren Wee W. Crew Biochemistry 3.37
Kevin Klasila M. Soccer Marketing 3.37
Lisa Lahman W. Soccer Mechanical Engineering 3.36
Marc Trasolini M. Basketball Business 3.35
John Laughlin M. Cross Country Economics/Finance 3.35
Lindsy Davigeadono Volleyball Liberal Studies 3.34
Alyssa Shoji W. Basketball Business 3.34
Katie Sharpe W. Golf Undeclared 3.33
Michael Santos M. Basketball Business 3.33
Meghan McNamara W. Cross Country Undeclared 3.33
Becky Goll W. Basketball Undeclared 3.32
Garrett Smith M. Cross Country Civil Engineering 3.30
Kalle Deyette W. Cross Country Economics/Biology 3.28
John Iwanski M. Tennis Marketing 3.27
Ashley Pane W. Tennis Political Science 3.26
Troy Alexander M. Basketball Business 3.26
Ricky Character M. Soccer Finance 3.24td>
Paul Twining Baseball Engineering 3.23
Shaun Pienkos M. Golf Finance 3.23
Katherine Reynolds W. Soccer Political Science 3.22
Lauren Dowd Volleyball Marketing 3.22
Robbie Reid M. Cross Country Business 3.21
Nate Mensah M. Basketball Business 3.21
Kendra Perry W. Soccer Business 3.21
Libby Morrison Volleyball Undeclared 3.19
Samantha Georgino W. Tennis Political Science 3.17
Mykell Bates M. Soccer Undeclared 3.17
Richard Zhu M. Cross Country Undeclared 3.15
Veronica Vazquez W. Cross Country Accounting 3.15
Morgan Doherty Volleyball Communications 3.15
Naushad Godrej M. Soccer Economics 3.14
Brittany Purvis W. Basketball Pre-Law Studies 3.09
Alex Harkins M. Cross Country Civil Engineering 3.09
Christine Szelong W. Rowing Asian Studies 3.08
Jalil Anibaba M. Soccer Marketing 3.07
Geoff Klein Baseball Combined Studies 3.06
James Rahon M. Basketball Business 3.05
Kimee Goeggel W. Basketball Biology 3.05
Courtney Lewis W. Soccer Communications 3.04
Kenji Kadowaki M. Cross Country Electrical Engineering 3.04
Kendall Fishman W. Crew Communications 3.03
Jennifer Clarke W. Cross Country Bio-Engineering 3.02
Brandon Zimmerman M. Soccer Business 3.01
Maggie Goldenberger W. Basketball Engineering 3.00

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