Women's Basketball Senior Final Thoughts

Women's Basketball Senior Final Thoughts

Feb. 25, 2009

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to play basketball at Santa Clara. I want to thank my former and current teammates for making my years at Santa Clara unforgettable. I would also like to thank Coach B for giving me the chance to play college basketball and for being a great coach. I would also like to thank Coach Mountain, JR, and all the assistant coaches I have had in the past four years. I am going to miss you guys!!

Above all, I would like to thank my parents (for all the hours spent driving me to practices and watching games¡K It¡¦s because of you guys that I was able to live out my dream of playing college basketball), and my siblings (Emily, Molly, Hannah, and Ben), and my family and friends back home for all of your love and support.

I was looking at pictures and reminiscing over my time here¡K here are just a few funny/unforgettable memories I¡¦d like to share:

Freshman Year:

  • Opening the season with a game at No. 4 ranked Georgia - we were so close to pulling off a huge upset.
  • Not being able to walk the entire first week of practice.
  • Ben and Jerry's Pint Nights with Claire in Campisi almost always followed by a dance party in 206.
  • Bike workouts (so glad those are over)
  • How there was never a dull moment with Michelle Cozad around.
  • Beating USF with Chandice¡¦s last second 30 footer to advance us to the Championship game of the WCC Tourney.
    Sophomore Year:
  • Metabolics
  • Shooting with Ashley Graham until our arms were going to fall off.
  • Halloween with a the Wizard of Oz theme and then Maggie and Brittany (the froshies) show up as pirates.?
  • Lauren's Thanksgiving track workout in Idaho
  • My trip to Sioux City, Iowa with Claire!
    Junior Year
  • Going to volleyball games
  • Kimee and I housing five freshmen in our two bedroom apartment during summer school
  • Sledding and eating moose at Chandice¡¦s house in Alaska
  • Tuesday night salads at Benson
  • Lifting with Sarge
  • Anatomy lab and homework by the pool with Claire and Kimee
  • Repeat intramural softball champions, and getting robbed in the soccer championship
    Senior Year:
  • Almost dying of hypothermia on the river in Arizona, thanks Britt haha
  • Winning The Amazing Race Bronco style, yes we brought bikes
  • Aliyah, the adorable traveling team baby
  • Spending New Year's Eve at an Asian Kareoke place, good call Lena
  • Beating USF on senior night

    It is impossible for words to describe what these four years have meant to me. I will cherish these memories forever, and will remain lifelong friends with teammates and coaches I have had. Santa Clara, the friends I have made here, and the experiences I have had on and off the basketball court will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Go Broncos!

    ~ Liz

    These last 4 years at Santa Clara have been a great experience that I am so thankful for. Playing in my last home game was bitter-sweet. It was an amazing feeling to get such a cherished win on Senior night in front of a great crowd, but it was also sad to know that I won't be playing in the Leavey Center anymore or signing autographs for our home fans after the games. I have loved playing basketball with such a great group of girls over the years and I will never forget all the memories and friends I've made. Being part of a team of girls who dedicate so much of themselves for a game that we all love has been so much fun. I love the excitement after winning a big game, the pillowtalks late at night in the hotels on roadtrips, reliving over and over incredibly hard or embarassing moments in practice, and especially the dancing in the lockeroom! :)

    Claire Goins

    I would like to thank my parents for all their support, encouragement, and the hours upon hours they spent sitting on bleachers over the years watching my games! Without them I never would have made the jump from high school in Iowa to college in California. I would like to thank Coach B for giving me the opportunity to come to Santa Clara, and for all her work with me during my first three years. Thank you to Coach Mountain and all the coaches this year for all their hard work. Thank you to the fans who have come and supported us at our games, and a special special thanks to all the girls I've played with these last 4 years! You all have made my experience at Santa Clara one that I will cherish and never forget!! Love you all!!!


    I cannot pick one favorite memory and when I think about happiness at Santa Clara I am flooded with memories, with the people who have come in and touched, changed and enriched my life. But... if I have to pick some good moments related to basketball they would be:

    Thanksgiving in Idaho at Kasey Monteith's house, and after a full Thanksgiving meal we were all chatting about how awful a track conditioning workout would be right now and we all agreed that no one could pay us enough money to run one. Then Lauren decided, that she would do one for 200 dollars but I don't think she expected us to say, "alright, we will all pay you ten bucks." Kasey confirmed that her high school track was just a few miles from her house, so we all loaded up on the bus and Coach B wrote up a conditioning workout. HAha, writing this now makes me laugh. Anyway, it was about nine degrees outside and Lauren began warming up. She ran one, four-hundred meter race and barely made the post time but Coach B let her slide. Lauren and her stubborn ways finally got the best of her on the track that Thanksgiving in Idaho as she almost passed out rounding the last corner of her second four-hundred.

    Sara Majors

    There is no way of knowing whether or not I could have been given this at another University but I do believe that some of the people I have met here have challenged me in ways I did not expect. Coach Bento challenged me and from this I learned about perseverance, attitude, and how to fight for something.

    Some of my professors have also challenged me. Held meetings with me about expectations. Exposed me to new ways of thinking. Showed care for my life and my mind and what those two can do for the betterment of society.

    To the future members of the women's basketball team, come with an open mind, live in the moment, and find that balance between basketball, school and social time. You will never be in this type of environment again, its exciting, take part in it. Oh, and Love. Love everyone.

    ~ Sara

  • No ACL? No Problem
    March 4, 2009 No ACL? No Problem
    SCU Falls 61-53 At Portland
    February 28, 2009 SCU Falls 61-53 At Portland
    Broncos Fall 71-58 To Lions
    February 14, 2009 Broncos Fall 71-58 To Lions
    Toreros Top Broncos 70-54
    February 5, 2009 Toreros Top Broncos 70-54
    Broncos Edged 48-45 By Dons
    January 24, 2009 Broncos Edged 48-45 By Dons